AWOL Submariner

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by robroy, May 17, 2015.

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    Among other things I see the Navy said they are "concerned for his wellbeing", I bet they are.

    The article said something about an Internet post that McNeilly had made, I did a basic search but cannot find anything.
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  2. There can't be that many places to hide on a submarine
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  3. Id say he'll be 'concerned for his wellbeing' when they get their hands on him...:)
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  4. witsend

    witsend Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    The link to his document is in the bbc article. Warning, he never had it proofread.
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  5. try clicking on the link in the articular.

    So some one up set him and instead of shooting up the boat he writes a Fyou book to get his own back.

    SNP will love this.
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  6. So he is also being hunted by the grammar police as well. He is in deep brown and smelly.
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  7. So all a terrorist needs to do to access the missile control centre of a nuclear sub is to join the Royal Navy. I bet they are kicking theirselves over not figuring that one out.
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  8. How did that happen, it had never done that before:-o8O:oops::???:
  9. Shock horror, matelot joins RN, discovers that complex mechanical things break down a lot. Discovers that being an AB means he is lowest of the low and has to do menial tasks.

    My heart bleeds purple piss.
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  10. Page 2 and I gave up.

    He's thick as mince.
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  11. The entire rant sounds like a sprog who has gotten himself into the shit and thinks his limited knowledge of what is going on means the entire country is at risk.
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  12. Ask Indiana Jones....they must have edited it out of the film.
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  13. I've read through a fair chunk of it and by christ it is dull and of little interest.
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  14. Has anyone who could stomach reading it, who has some subject knowledge, worked out whether he has any valid points?
  15. Vampireuk I have no idea why I just quoted you but, feck it. I've started so I'll finish.