AWOL Soldiers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The-Goose, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Why cant we have a better sysytem, if it is so bad why cant guys just be allowed to leave - perhaps with a payment?
    i remember we had one CO who stopped PVR dead in its tracks by taking the first PVR of the day and processing him out of the Army within 4 hours of being on COs. makes you think!!
  2. Well if you could spell it we might manage to get it! Actually you raise a fair point mate - sorry, The idea of bumping someone out within hours might slow afew down, on the other hand - you could lose the Regt by teatime!!
  3. Because training even a basic troop (whatever that is these days) costs the tax payer a whole shed full of money and time. In order to get some return for the investment you have to put people on contracts ergo, you can't just feck off when you feel like it.


  4. How about if you repay it - like someone like Josh Lewsey must have done?
  5. that seems sensible, but I guess the problem would be that you could have a catatrsphic loss of people in a very short time. What is the ruling about being warned for Op tours and PVR?
  6. Once warned for Ops - no PVRs. Look this really comes out of that Panorama sensationalist "Documentary" based on an interview with a guy who siad he had been a soldier and several young lads who clearly had not made the grade. Fact is that being in the army is not like a civvy job, not at all and should not be compared to one - especially by reporters who have no persoanl experience to comment on. It was a shame that the MOD side was not put more strongly (or was edited out as it spoiled the story) but it was a cock programme that barely raised a ripple. Soldiers have always gone AWOL, its not big and its not clever!
  7. Oh the days when AWOL was desertion, and it was firing squad time.
  8. I remember being on guard commander when attached to a regiment from the Cheshire area, getting an earfull from Pte Bloggs' mum that he hadn't been payed this month. Luckily his CSM who was present at the time, took the phone from me and told Mrs Bloggs that if her son wanted paying perhaps he should come into work sometime. He had only been AWOL for 3 months but got annoyed that his wages had stopped and got his mum to complain!!!!!!! I pi~*ed my pants!
  9. Had a 28 yeard AWOL bloke turn up in Collie - asked to be formally discharged.
    They locked hm up and Court Martialled him - he was over 60 years old !! Laugh ? - you bet!!
  10. makes me laugh though, when you get these little kiddies going to news papers like the sun and the mirror saying that they went AWOL because this is'nt what they'd signed up for, "I didnt wanna go to Iraq" or they got yelled at - PLEASE!!!
    To cut a long story short the media more than covers all of the forces little wheelings and dealings, also there are more than enough web sites out there, careers offices etc etc etc to find out what the army, air force or navy is all about. so therefore thats no excuse in my mind, by any stretch of the imagination.
    All AWOL soldiers should be shot at dawn before breakfast, So I can get eat your rations ha ha :twisted:
  11. fruitbat119 as a new recruit all set to sign the contract soon I kind of agree with you. All my civvy mates say I'm mad for joining the army "because of what you read in the papers" but if we listened to everything we read in the tabloids we would all go mad. So I go into phase 1 knowing it will be tough but if you hav'nt got a back bone don't join the army!
    I always get the impression the recruits who go to the papers are the ones who need a good kicking anyway.
    I've got 6 mates in the army. All doing different things and all 6 of them love army life and all but one has been abroad. So I'll listen to the 100% I've spoke to rather than one little brat in the Sun.

    Also if a soldier does a runner and the RMP catch him, what then happens to that bloke? Does he stand trail or just thrown back into his regiment?
  12. A oldier who is AWOL can return to his unit volunatrily or be arrested by civilian (or military ) police. In either case he will face administrative action. Turning yourself in is always considered as a postive thing when the authorities (ie the Army) are dealing with the subsequent action.

    Any AWOL soldier can expect to at least be interviewed and more usually to be disciplined, from within the range of punishments available to the Army. The circumstances are always all important and all matters will be considered fairly and impartially. In the final analysis though, the Army does not wish to encourage or condone abesnce Without leave and punishments will reflect this.