AWOL Soldiers... Your considered opinions please gents.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bill_Bones, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Will stick this in the NAAFI, just so you don't hold back on the horrible little fecker.

    One of me civvy mate's new boyfriend is an AWOL squaddie. He's fed her some sob story about missing his mates and is now back home. He's been in about a year or so. Not sure I trust him tho.

    What are your opinions on these people?

    Just wondered what the general consensus of opinion was.
  2. I can see why he did as there may have been a reason for it but the fucker still signed up knowing what was expected and he couldnt handle it.
  3. I think you're looking for a way into her bonus tunnel. A quick call to your local RMPs should do the trick. Once he's off to spend a fun-filled couple of months on the Motor Cycle Training Course making lots of new friends, you'll be on hand to give the poor lass comfort, advice and a damn good seeing to.

    God, I love it when they're vulnerable.

    (Edit: Female "mate" indeed. What utter b0llocks.)
  4. You cnut. 8)
  5. Or your local Constabulary, let us know what you do.
  6. Hi all

    dobb him:)

    reminds me of catching a guy once acting weird on a mates land once
    i went down to this bunker me and a mate had done up as a camping out style thing.

    we got down to the bunker after dark and behind the door i noticed a coat standing there when suddenly this guy shouts HALT!!

    i walk up and harshly asked wtf are you doing in this bunker its private land!

    he replies"i was just kipping in it for the night"
    with that he walks off.
    me and my mate cleared the area and watched him scarper only to find that he had shaved his hair off and left foam everywhere and generally messed the place up.

    what i thought at the time was he was AWOL as the way he shouted halt and the fact that he had shaven his hair off in mid winter.

    my friend did half cack himself though it was kinda funny:)

    sorry to rant memorie and all:)

    shop the scrote:)

  7. Get the fcuker nicked. Used to be my job at Preston back in '91 on the absentees and deserters section, many happy days hunting them down and nicking the cnuts!! 8)
  8. hell of a regiment, 84/97th Queens Own Deserters motto: 'Fcuk This For A Game Of Soldiers'

    shop the cnut. then chuck the lass a sob story of your own.
  9. Serious question

    Do the civilian police go after AWOL servicemen?
  10. Imho - just get rid of them, they have an agenda and they should do 6 months civvy nick after a summary dealing and goodbye.

    Why hurt the system more by doing loads of admin, only thing that should be done is that if they have an illnes (PTSD) or bullying was a real reason!!!
  11. Oh yes :D

    If you look at returned absentees you'll find most give them selves up, next largest group are nicked by CivPol after either being P checked by them or bubbled by a girlfriend. Finally those nicked by RMP again more often bubbled by a mate/girlfriend/mum
  12. Get in contact with 174 (Pro) Coy in Donnington as they do a lot of AWOL investigations.
  13. Fcuking weasels, shop him. I've never felt the need to go AWOL in 10 years. Everybody knows what the conditions are etc when they sign up. No sympathy.
  14. Only if they can drag themselves out of the Clock Tower :lol:
  15. SCUM