AWOL question?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stand234, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Just got a question and was wondering if anyone can help. Got a mate who was discharged from the army for going AWOL and he wants to join the police. I've told him he's wasting his time but he seems to think there's no such thing as a dishonourable discharge anymore and the police will only check 3 - 5 years of his work history so he's going to fail to mention his military service.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I'm sure the police of all people would do a comprehensive background check to ensure the 'wrong' type of characters do not get selected for the police.
  2. Is your mate called Dave?

    <<Checks forum name and moves away from keyboard>>
  3. A friend of mine, is now a PC and they checked her ENTIRE work history, start dates and end dates and reasons for leaving. From the part time job she had at 16 to the last full time job she had before joining. Your friend is a fool to think he can lie to the police during recruitment I have just gained employment with a bank and there background checks are in depth, I can't imagine what the police check would be like.
  4. The police will check back all the way, If he is honest with them he has more chance of getting in than if he lies.
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  5. Listen to Jerrycan.......he's right !
  6. It will also be grounds for instant dismissal if you lie or omit something you should have revealed should it later come to light.
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  7. Your "mate" is wasting his time to even consider applying to join the police force. They check everything in your work history and they won't be impressed to see he was discharged from the Army for going AWOL.
  8. Yes, they do. He hasn't got a hope in Hell of getting away with it. Plod have been made to look stupid on a few instances regarding vetting, it won't happen now.
  9. The police like life experience, If he goes in there and gives a good account for why he left he might get somewhere, but there had been very little police recruiting for some time. North Yorkshire recruited not so long back and their phones went down because they where inundated with people trying to apply. The police can afford to take who they want their is absolutely no shortage of applicants.

    It looks like they may be implementing the PKC across the board, if he gets that early he might be in with a chance as the application pool will be diminished.
  10. Put it this way, one if the lads at our TA unit applied and failed the interview. They never told him why(which is their right), however I know his interviewing Sgt, who was my probationer, who said it was because he was fined in 1991 for fighting whilst drunk.
    AWOL, not a hope in hell.

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  11. Thanks for the replies I'll pass the gen on. Just to clarify, even if he leaves his military history out of the application it will be on his background check? And so will his discharge?

    Does anyone know if there is still such a thing as a dishonourable discharge? He seems to think there isn't so the conditions of his discharge would appear to the police as the same as someone who was honourably discharged. Personally I think he's fooling himself with half truths and doesn't want to accept he can't join the police.
  12. If its SNLR he can forget it. End of.
    Despite what people on here think of the police if does run along some very similar lines with regards to discipline issues.
    An AWOL is like willfully absenting himself from
    his station area for a period of time it's not going to go down well and lying about it will just confirm their intention.

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  13. Depends what paragraph of Queens Regulations he was discharged under. Some are more dishonourable than others ;)
  14. What's SNLR?
  15. Services No Longer Required ie sacked.