Awol punishments

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chebobs, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Just a question ..


    i have heard many things, to clear the air i wud like all and any info on colchester?

    How does the average working day run, what does it consist of?

    etc etc
  2. Teaching you how to type post like a human not a chav.
  3. I particularly like the idea of dragging prisoners and slamming their balls between cell doors 3 times a day.

    Army wide AWOL problem solved.
  4. PT
    Eveing Meal
    Room Inspection
    Show parade every hour till 5 am

    Don't worry fella you will love it, Not only will you lose a stone you will also be the best at making things look shiney when you get back to your unit :)
  5. I don't think gizmodnd is entirely accurate with his daily routine. I have never been, so I do not know the routine. I do know that any half decent lawyer would have lawsuits galore if that was the routine.
    Your initial time in Colchester will be like basic training was, long days, lots of Drill and discipline and a good nights sleep.

    Remember it is a Corrective Training Centre, not a concentration camp.
  6. I think gizmodnd's routine would work well :) But it will make you a better soldier then you were before you went in.
  7. For being absent you're likely to get a sentence of around 28 days if it’s been awarded by your CO.
    After your stint on orders you'll get a 14 day cooling off period in which to appeal his award or you can elect to start your sentence immediately.
    As long as your discharge hasn’t been applied for you’ll serve your sentence at MCTC in Garcia Platoon if you got less than 28 days or A Company if you get any longer.
    All training carried out by A Coy (including Garcia) is military training based on the common military syllabus. PT and Drill being a major component of the training.
    On arrival at the Nick you’ll have Rule 84 explained to you by the receptions staff. This rule basically says if you do anything wrong or the staff think you are attempting doing anything wrong you can have extra days awarded to your sentence.
    8 Man rooms are the norm on the Company, although you might spend your first night in a single depending on what time of day you arrive and if your risk assessment raises any concerns. Garcia train 7 days a week so I hope you enjoy MATT’s and Drill (Only one type of Drill practiced so if you are LI, RGJ, RAF or Navy you’re in for a steep learning curve!)
    The Nick has had a bit of a culture change in the last few months with the arrival of it’s new RSM who is the first MPS RSM they have had for a few years so be wary if you get any ‘advice’ from guys who have done time in the last three or four years, things have changed!
    Best suggestion I can give you is keep you gob shut and do everything you are told at lightning speed in a smart and soldier like fashion.
  8. Do I smell a jurno ?????. :?
  9. I doubt it, all they have to do is ring MCTC and they get a guided tour these days. MCTC has a transparent regime and seem more than happy to have film crews knocking about. Anglia TV and Channel 4 have both done ‘fly on the wall’ documentaries about the place.
  10. Baldrick66, dont forget the CO can apply for extended detention giving him/her a possible 65 days to award, depending on the amount of time spent AWOL, a DCM/GCM can give even more if the case is refered up to Higher Authority.
  11. Yep no disputing that and a DCM can award up to 730 days Military Dentention, however I did say 'likely' 28 days seems to be the average these days.
  12. Baldrick66, Yep, agreed, most units can't be arrsed applying for extended detention through Bde, rather just get it out the way I think.