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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by worriedpartner, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I will get straight to the point. My partner joined the Army, passed basic then went AWOL after been at his regiment for only a week. He was awol for 5 months but went back and handed himself in. After only been back 3 weeks or so he went awol again and has now been awol for 1 year, plus the 5 months from the 1st awol spell.

    His Sergeant and Sergeant Major rang him a few times when he first went awol but he refused to go back. A week or so later an Recovery officer phoned to persuade him back but he still refused. Since then he has heard nothing until around September/october last year when his platoon commander phones his mums house and said he wanted to speak to him to sort out his discharge, his mum wasnt in contact with him at the time so had no phone number to give to him.

    His regiment is now in afghanistan and he's heard nothing since obviously with them been away. He's not interested in handing himself back in and has been working legitemately since may last year. Could they have discharged him without his knowledge or was it just a way of getting him to contact his regiment? I wouldn't think they would discharge him without finding him or can they do that?
  2. Sounds like a dick to me - why did he bother in the first place?
  3. Crio, Are you back?
    Hows the kids?
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  4. I don't know to be honest, he's fell out with most of his family about it but I seem to be more worried than him.
  5. No, he is also working illegally as he has no P45. The case will be handed to the MP's/Civ Plod and they will arrest him if he is caught doing anything. He will then be sent back to Unit where he will await orders. this will probably be in unit cells. Chances are he may do Colly but possibly straight discharge. He needs to hand himself in to the nearest Civ Plod or Army bks ASAP.
  6. They have probably put him on the back burner so to speak until they return, he WILL go to jail.

    You join the army entering a contract, there are very strict rules about leaving, going to mums and not going back isnt one of them. Sorry.
  7. Sorry what I meant was he has been working through the books paying tax and national insurance.
  8. They used to shoot deserters....
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  9. I'm not condoning what he's done, i'm just confused because they rang saying they wanted to sort out his discharge. He reckons they will admin discharge him because thats what happened to a lad who went awol and returned while he was there.
  10. Working legitimately is an unusual phrase given that he is AWOL... the best thing to do is hand himself in, do the time and get on with life.

    Failing that, if you're that worried about him (which you're clearly not if you're posting on a website called ARRSE about something so serious) then phone the local police and inform them of his whereabouts.

    Ask yourself this though, if he bangs out after a week of real long will he stay with you???
  11. Bit late to be worried about being discharged isnt it.
  12. *Looks up at sign on door, shakes head in disappointment and shuffles off...*
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  13. The only way to find out is to man up and face them, he needs to hand himself in and get it dealt with - no point asking for answers here!
  14. Your partner is untrustworthy and a criminal. He is a selfish coward to boot. You might want to think long and hard about why you are with him.
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  15. well we've been together many years. ive phoned up an advice line i found and they said its down to his regiment to decide what will happen to him. when the recovery officer phoned him last year he said he was going to tell his regiment that they had to do something with him because if he got caught he would just keep going awol at any opportunity, i dont know if maybe after hearing that from the recovery officer they just decided to get rid of him, suppose time will tell, thanks for the replies.