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Seems like they're not the only ones:

About 13% of the 3,300 called up so far have sought "adjudications" allowing them to avoid mobilisation, the Ministry of Defence confirmed.

Of the 1,100 who have so far reported for duty, 7% were failed for medical reasons, an MoD spokesman told BBC News Online.

All those handy training nights, tax-free bounties, overseas trips.  You take the money, you signed the dotted line = you gotta go when called.  Berate/hang/slap those that won't go, but equally fair praise to those that are.  Good luck to the multitude of Irish Rangers who are on their way and godspeed boys.  (With regards to Opsec, naming this particular unit and all that.  The Rangers deployment has seen more time in the local print press and T.V. than the local politicians this week - not a bad thing mind you!)  HVM you're hoping for allied air superiority?!! ;D ;D
And to think about all of the arrse I got for saying something like this in the Inf thread.  I am glad that it's not just me who thinks that these war dodgers should be locked up after being tortured....badly.
??? Does any body know what the numbers of TA Medical staff have refused / unable to turn up as i have fished around and according to the offical channels all i hear is "Every body has turned up and they are all very happy to be here".
Make the whole damn thing public - let his patients know what their dealing with.

He's taken the shilling- he has NO excuses.
Part of the problem with the mobilisation for OP TELIC is that LAND gave Cap Badge Champion (CBC) Authority to a number of HQs.  The intelligent mobilisation cell (IMC) at LAND and the AC then decided to bypass the returns they were getting from the CBC and mobilise personnel by LSN.  The result is that personnel known to have problems or fail to meet the mobilisation criteria were called up.  LAND once they delegated authority should have let the CBCs get on with it and if there were shortfalls changed the mobilisation criteria.  The result would have been a smaller number of appeals.
Surely anyone with a liability to be called up should expect to be so.  As has been said above, they, like us take the shilling.  End of story.
Indeed they've done wrong but like Glue_Ear said they know they will get away with it.  A signed contract when theres a good lawyer around is meaningless.  
That's only because our lawyers are not decent.  A decent written contract will almost always stand up, if it is correctly drafted.


Contract? I don't remember signing any contract! - Oh Wait, was that the one where I agreed to have absolutely no life for the foreseeable future?


if you takes the money you gotta take all the rest.  I say shoot em at dawn.
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