AWOL or Desertion

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. 2 RAMC(V) Cols & 1 RAMC(V) Sgt have failed to report to their units as part of the Op Telic TA mobilisation. On contacting them they have refused to report.

    Now forgive me if I’m wrong but in a peace time role that’s AWOL. But in an operational call up isn’t that desertion ???.
  2. I think its desertion, thus a high punishment. Theres probably a reserve forces act/military law guru round here somwhere.

    Whatever it is its inexcusable

    Correct me if im wrong but doesn't everyone have to get read the liability statment before they get attested
  3. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    The sure thing here is that if the system does not respond by looking to punish these two, then it opens the flood gates for the rest to say no.
  4. I believe, after having a quick chat to a mate in RMP that the 2 colonels will get a visit from the RMP and a one way trip to jail unless they change their tune - they are both of consultant surgeon ranking and thus on serious money - not something this penny pinching govt will overlook lightly!

    Could be wrong though.....
  5. I didn't think that it was technically possible to desert from the TA by definition. I think they will be done for refusing to follow a lawful order or some such charge.
  6. Is this straight up or is it another 'only half of 4 Para turned up' bullshit story?
  7. It will prove to be nigh on impossible to charge them with desertion as the legal nerds are unwilling generally to push for it for the fear of loosing the case, which lets face it is quite simple for any half decent barrister.

    The whole affair let's face it will probably be hushed up for fear of a negative media impact :eek:.
  8. As I understand it, the details of any "fail to report" individuals are place on the Police National Computer and at some point they receive a visit from the local Plod and are arrested. Its a bit like having an outstanding warrant against you. The civvy magistrates court will then deal with them...harshly, I hope, as they are true war dodgers!

    Not sure the RMP get involved - too busy directing traffic at Marchwood.
  9. Believe they have to be there - not taking an active part perhaps - due to the seniority of the individuals involved.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    What is the source of the story?

    Can't see the Army bagging the Colonels, the Sgt better get a lawyer!- Disgrace to the Corps!
  11. The source is my good self. Who has the dubious honour of stating where manning deficiencies exist in the DMS/DSCA & which reservist/TA(V) is suitable qualified to fill it. So I suppose you can say from the horse’s mouth.
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    Are there many holes in the NBC area?
  13. I think you will still find it is AWOL. Desertion in law is very difficult to prove. The prosecution has to prove that the accused intended to never to return to duty (for example, burn ID card) rather than failing to attend.

    Yes.. in all trade qual areas.
  14. Ramillies,

    help, there must be some gaps for a mean-as-custard regular sapper officer type.  What can I do?