Awol, help requested

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by awolsi88, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Firstly let me say i do understand im about to come in for a lot of stick for posting on here, from a lot of old and bold soldiers. I completely understand this, im just hoping i can get an answer from somebody, or maybe just some advice, as right now i feel totally helpless.

    OK so Ive been AWOL from unit since September 2010,after serving 2 years and 7 months including 6 months on OP Herrick 11. No body has ever came to my house or anything like that looking for me, and Ive worked using my Nat insurance number since October without any issues. My problem now is that my Long term partner is pregnant and due on the 7th of July. This is our first child and my worst fear is missing the birth. I know some of you will feel i deserve to miss it, but i don't feel like i can. I am considering handing myself in at my local careers office on Monday, and as i don't want to be in the military i am hoping for a military discharge.

    The thing thats worrying me is not the bollokings im in for, or even possibly doing time, its just missing my baby's birth. Now im considering not doing it and waiting until after the birth, as i want a discharge and i know that because ive messed the army about that the army is understandably going to mess me around and make me miss my baby been born. would it be worth waiting for a while?

    Thank you in advance
  2. SSAFA AWOL support line

    Service Personnel who are absent without leave (AWOL) can now speak in complete confidence to the SSAFA AWOL Support Line Worker

    Tel: 01380 738137 9.00 - 10.00am Monday to Friday

    (answering machine for call back outside these times).
  3. Planning on handing myself in monday though
  4. SSAFA, have a confidential Support Line,

    As you say the best thing to do is to hand yourself in to the nearest military unit! THe AFCO office my not be the best place to hand yourself in to or contact your own Unit Welfare Office to arrange your return to unit. Go back face the music and whatever the CoC think is in the best interest of the Army.

  5. The stress on you knowing you have and are doing the wrong thing will cloud the birth of your child if you are still AWOL in the summer.
    Hand yourself in on monday. Do the right thing and accept and take the consequences of your actions.
    Don't focus on the birth- it is women's work and you are not needed for it- it is the next twenty years of being the child's father that counts and you can start right now by being the father you want to be and face things head on.
    Good decision to hand yourself in immediately. I hope you can turn things around.
  6. Thanks for the replies. And i thought a careers office would be a good place to hand myself in? judging by your replies does that mean you believe i will miss the birth? As i sort of worked out if i had to do a day for a day, i would be out in June?
  7. You don't say why you went AWOL. I personally don't believe that you have worked with your own NI number but if that is the case you could be submitted for civil charges as well as Military ones. You are in big trouble, the COC will not spare you. Take it on the chin NOW, you might just get to see your child born and have a just part in the upbringing. If you leave it longer you will not get either.
  8. Military and Civilian life are 2 entirely separate issues and will always be dealt with accordingly. The Military cannot "flag" up his Nat Ins number to anyone - because the NI number was issued to him as a Civilian and before he joined up - yes he/she must have provided the Military with it when he joined up BUT they cannot cross the line into his Civilian Life at all. Going AWOL is still an offence today and will be dealt with as such once the Military get concrete evidence of his/her whereabouts.
  9. Hand yourself in, go back to your unit anything else just adds time. Do the punishment to the best of your ability and then get on with your life on discharge.
  10. You may well find that the relevant authorities are slightly more "post Cromwellian" than you imply.

    My grandfather deserted from active service in 1916 and only got 28 days in the cells. A friend of mine deserted to the Foreign Legion for 3 years and got 28 days when he came back. I also knew a soldier who deserted from NI in the 1980s and got a dishonourable discharge and no custody.

    If someone really doesn't want to serve things are often less severe than they at first appear.
  11. thing is i really can not get to my unit, would a careers office not suffice then?
  12. Or as I said earlier in the thread the nearest miltary unit

  13. Well, they'll probably have no idea what to do so they'll ring up the nearest unit and tell them to sort you out, by which point you've basically gone and seen the nearest unit except you've annoyed two of their blokes. If you've been AWOL a while and decided to hand yourself in they probably won't be too keen to punish you - more like they will be thinking 'what the hell is he doing here? Piss off and get out of my office I've work to do'
  14. You are definitely in an awkward situation. If you don't hand yourself in the system will catch you eventually. You will have an AWOL marker on you name on the civil police system which means if you're ever stopped for anything, or go through passport control, you may well be detained by the civi police as a wanted service person.

    So what happens when you hand yourself in? If you're along way from your unit you will probably be given a few day window to get yourself back to your unit, you will have to pay for this out of your own pocket. Looking at the time you have been AWOL your case may well be dealt with by your CO at Summary Hearing but it could go forward to Courts Martial. Either way as long as you hand yourself in you should not be put in to custody. Clearly you hope to be discharged - this will not happen as a result of disciplinary proceedings. You will have to have a strong case to persuade the CO to apply for your discharge and it will also depend on your Unit, trade and CoC personalities; in my experience the ultimate reality is that it is very unlikely to happen although if you have a severe welfare situation you may well be able to look at a discharge 'free on compassionate grounds'. At the end of the day you have entered in to a legal contract with the military and your unit may well not feel inclined to release you early, that means you will have to sign off at the earliest opportunity and soldier on. In addition I would encourage you to address the issues that caused you to go AWOL in the first place as going AWOL repetitively will not mean that a discharge will be considered. We only finally let a soldier go after about 15 charges of AWOL and a number of fraud charges, everyone else was made to soldier on - but that's my experience of working at a Scot Inf Bn.

  15. well all i want to happen is to be discharged, so does this mean now theres no point going back as im not going to get booted out? at the end of the day i dont want to be there anymore, and i will go as far as refusing to soldier if needed as the way i see it if i refuse to soldier what good am i? ive heard different views ie i could be put into colchester and then dishonourable discharge. there doesnt seem much point me going back if im going to have to do it another 14 or so times just to get booted. why is it no matter how much of a stand people make or dont want to continue, they wont get booted, but if i smoked one joint, thats it, instant dis discharge. I aint going to do that but im just gutted because i want to leave!