AWOL from Basic - should I turn myself in?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chumpycheeks, May 6, 2007.

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  1. I had to go on tteh run from Basic yesterday. Dont feel god bout it, but had no choyce. Teh OC had it in for me big time.

    shuld i turn myself in? how can i do this wivout teh OC bein involved - she wil mak my liyf a mysery if she can, shor nuf.

    i reelly need some help here - teh army is my dream, and its all gone pete tong over a simple misunnderstannding.
  2. Chumpy,

    Did the OC turn down your advances?

    Have you thought about working for the A Team on a cash in hand basis???
  3. Chumpy,
    would this by any chance have anything to do with your thread " should i bone my OC ? Was this a case of misreading the signals
  4. did you not like the way she 'disciplined' you.

    You BAD BOY!
  5. Chumpy
    What happened with your OC then? :D
    Oh and yes do turn yourself in this very day....with a box of Milk Tray for the didn't go AWOL you went in search of the perfect gift?
  6. I think a man of your obvious talent would be wasted in the Army anyway.

    Perhaps you should start a secret organisation of ninja vigilantes?
  7. No two ways about it cc - you should be flogged. I guess you've asked for this already though. Let's just hope that when you do hand yourself in, that the pro don't have "special" feelings for you. Good luck cc, ARRSE is with you.
  8. Sorry you are in a spot of bother, BUT;

    What did your TC tell you about who to talk to if there is a problem?

    Padre, WRVS, RMO, Unit Welfare Officer, Section Commander, Tp/Pl Sgt, Tp/Pl Commander, BSM/CSM, BK/Coy2ic?

    I suggest you ring your guardroom and get the number of one of the above (try the UWO first) and get this sorted. If you remain on the run you will be forever looking over you shoulder. If the police stop you (e.g. in your car) and run a check on you, you will be listed as AWOL and arrested there and then to be returned to your unit in short order.

    I'm sorry it's all gone t1ts up but if you are serious about being a soldier, man up, take responsibility for yourself and do something adult to help yourself.

    On a lighter note, there are many here that will have done much worse and got over it to go onto higher things. In a year you will look back and wonder what you worried about.

    Good Luck
  9. Matlow, GP14, thanks for teh advice. sry, Im moving safe houses after each posting - wiv my bkground, the govt will be using all there technical assets to look frrr me. if i do go bak, it wl be on my terms, not becos they have traked me down. i dont want them to send the monkeys rownd, becus their just doin their job, and i dont want no more innocent blud on my hands - ive spilt too much in my short life alreddy.

    thx for all the comments - the prob was not that she rejected me, but that she is a cruwel and shameless liar, not fit to waere the queens glorious commission. when i get a mo, ill debrief you all on our night of passon, and the terrible results. wh ydo i never learn that women are snaykes wiif breasts??
  10. FFS! You're doin' good son. Keep it up 'cos it's making ME larf.
  11. she wasn't one of them 'trans-gender' types was she? 8O a snake with tits2b
  12. Doh! :oops:
  13. Are Chumpycheeks posts available in English?

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  14. Chumpy - I knew she was no good for you!

    She has lied about the way she led you on hasn't she?

    I knew something had gone wrong - I had a special message through my TV speakers about it.

    (good tip here - the army broadcast just under the normal signal - keep listening and you will know when they are coming for you)

    Good luck mate - keep running - you don't want any more blood on your hands

    :D :clap:
  15. Thanks for the update cc - head for the border mate, they'll never catch you. Have you considered the Foreign Legion?

    I think you should name and shame cc. It's obvious that you have been led along by this floosy, and that she has taken advantage of your tender nature. :)