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Over the years we have used a variety of systems for recording whether or not users have made donations to the site. Obviously these are important to use so we're keen to make sure that everyone who has gets to display one of the three medals we award :
  • MIA - Mention in ARRSE

  • GCM - Gold Cash Medal

  • ADC - ARRSE Donation Cross

I thought the list of all those who had made donations had been centralised before the upgrade but it appears that many people are missing off the list. If you wish to have your medals restored just post in this thread to let me know what they were and I'll do the honours!


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Mine looks fixed. Thanks.
I had a GCM.
ADC .... probably went adrift when rm-rf / was typed in again during the upgrade .
Edited to add .... Thanks for reinstating .
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'Mention in ARRSE'... Never knew that; there was me thinking my obituary was being written already.


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A happy birthday to Toby?
A hazelnut in time saves nine?
A hazelnut in the hand is worth a bird in the bush?
A hazelnut in every bite?

Edit. Sorry. Off Topic.
Hadn’t really noticed until now but I think I have a MIA missing and not too sure if I had a GCM or not. Not really in it for the medals, just an honour to serve <snigger>.


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Surely there should be a medal for GMFS - Gets Me Free Shit?

I can think of one person at least who'd be eligible. Ahem.
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