awol any advice please

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by claretsimon, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, firstly let me say i know that i going to get a lot of stick here for writing this, but im just asking for advice, so please if you are just here to say im a coward and i should be shot, i already realise this. I had a year and a half to go before i could leave the army. I got back from herrick 11 in April and asked to leave as i really did not want to be in the army any more. I was refused and told to serve my time. I felt as though i was in a whole and went awol. Ive been awol for just over a month. I wouldn't mind handing myself in if it meant i served a sentence and then discharged, but im scared too in case they say i have to soldier on because i know that ill just go awol once again. I just want to get out, whether its dishonourably or not, I respect everything that you guys and girls do but its not me and i can honestly say i hate, and am scared of the army. If i handed my self in and refused to soldier would i be discharged? as in is someone says do this and i say no (childish i know) would i have to be eventually kicked out? thank you for any advice
  2. May I be the first to say, you edited for spelling mistooks and still spelt whole wronly.

    Hand yourself in, get it over with. Discuss your options when they are presented to you. If you are adamant on leaving the army, the army will assist you in your decision.

    Good luck.
  3. thankyou for the reply. But when you say the army will assist me, will they though? i know what i have done is wrong, but it felt like the only option. i dont even have any kit or anything i left it all behind, i just want to get out even if it means time in colly and then out.
  4. You could be dragged through the press for this and your name turned into mud. you might not care but the effect will be very, very long lasting with your name frequently cropping up for years to come. Years into the future you will regret it. Whatever else you do see a doctor first and get referred to a counselor or psyciatrist as there could be some underlying mental condition here to be taken into consideration. Judging by your post alone you sound depressed, possibility of PTSD for all I know, but you cannot be diagnosed on a forum.

    Also see a solicitor and find out if you have any other legal options, but don't bank on it.

    Having done these things, go back and hand yourself in. You'll be caught sooner or later anyway so don't make it worse for yourself.
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    msr LE

  6. What he says. You've served. You've let yourself down, don't make it worse. Best of Luck
  7. but the thing is if i hand myself in and they just make me soldier on then ill be at square one, from what ive read on here it seems the longer your away, the better the chance that when you do get caught, you get simply kicked out. im worried ill admit it and i know its stupid.
  8. what im meaning to say is that i too worried about been told to just carry on and feel as though the longer im away the less the punishment if that makes sense
  9. Hand yourself in. Don't get lifted, it will make things worse. Oh, and not only have you let yourself down, you have let down the poor sod who is having to do your job whilst you are AWOL. Not to make you feel bad or anything, but there you go. Get down to the coppers or your unit tomorrow and give yourself up.
  10. For Feck's Sake!
  11. i know ive let people down and i feel shit about myself, trust me i do. but if i just turn up tommorow there not going too kick me out! thats my problem
  12. Yes they might make you soldier on somewhere, somehow. Most likely in a guardhouse somewhere. I doubt if you will be deployed anywhere in a hot-spot because your reliablity will be in question.

    One thing you can do though (having taken my earlier advice first that is) is to hand yourself in with some sort of style. At the carears office maybe, that would make their day and I doubt they'll have a cell to bang you up in.
  13. What job did you do CS?
  14. i was a cs op in the signals. so its better if i hand myself in at a careers office? why? cheers for all the help
  15. If your health has caused you to go AWOL and as suggested that it is possibile PTSD or similar send me a PM and I will recommend a good Consultant Psychiatrist. He works in Northampton and London.

    He has excellent knowledge of army life as he is also a Lt Col in the RAMC TA.

    In short the longer you are AWOL the worse it will be for your health as the constant looking over your shoulder, and the anxiety of awaiting to be arrested will cause you more health problems.

    Take medical advice, contact SSAFA and return to your unit.

    Good luck.