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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by domw09, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. ive been in the army for a year and 3 months completed phase two training and went to my unit, this is second time awol. First time was for a week as was in a bad place (sucidal) went to civvy doctor he said i had sevre depression, gave me anti depressents. I then went back to my unit got charged 11 days pay, and saw the units medical officer who described me more and depressent after that the medical officer said if i start feeling worse go see him, so few weeks went on and felt lower and lower lost all motivation could not sleep constantly crying at night found it hard to leave my room would panic. I went to see the mo again and he was not in he was off sick so went down couple days later still not in, then my sergeant major told me to stop bothering the docs so i did then a week later i had to do something my self told my girlfriend how ive been feeling, and then i went awol at the start of december on a friday on tuesday after i went to see my civvy doc her gave me higher dosage anti depressent and told me not to go back and singed me of for six weeks i phoned my unit they was on exercise spoke to some admin staff and the said send my sick not to sergant major so i did then heard nothing after that then i recived a text from my troop leaded saying ive been awol for 31 days not been payed cant use my passport.i phoned him and he just kept asking me for the address where im staying he said if i dont tell him i be going to prison for very long time any way i didnt tell him, and then he text me saying police will be waiting at my doctors next time i go and my girlfriend will have awarent out for her arrest for harbouring a criminal, does a civvy doc have no say with sick notes and health issuies need advice befor i go back, will i just get charged for being awol from the friday till i saw my docotor feel like im getting no help from the army.
  2. I suggest you swallow hard and get yourself back to your unit to sort this out, the increase in worry that the police are tracking you will not help your condition. I am sure if you explain your condition to the Military medical staff this will get sorted. If however you decide to stay AWOL then the trouble pit will get deeper - good luck! I think you new this was the answer all along.
  3. If you have been given a sicknote from a doctor then this problem will be easily solved however hiding from the army will not get you anywhere. In civvy street if you get a sicknote you still have an obligation to make sure your employer knows about the note, the duration of the sickness and any increases in that term of absense in relation with evidence to support it all when you return to work. The Army will require the same.

    My advice would be get down there and sort it, take any evidences of verified illness or condition with you, sicknotes etc.... the lot.

    let us know how it goes or if you need any more assistance.
  4. There is wah about
  5. Yes that is potentially true, but on the other hand it might not be
  6. Exactly what has already been said - get a sick-note. The Army may not be a very understanding employer when it comes to mental health, but they'll find it harder to argue with paperwork.

    After you have a sick-note, go back to your unit ASAP while you still have the chance to show that you're willing to sort things out through the proper channels.

    Sorry to hear that you've not been well, and best of luck.
  7. Far better for it to be a wah and us assume that it's serious, then for it to be serious and us to assume that it's a wah.

    Besides, I can't see anyone trolling for bites at 0330.
  8. Agreed.

    I hope the op gets sorted
  9. possibly, but I see many holes in his story. Add to that the fact that all his previous posts cannot be found for some reason or other, it just makes me think this is not gen.
  10. no ones previous posts can be found at the's a glitch with the site I think
  11. There's bound to be things the op hasn't told us we have afterall only heard his version of events. So there is bound to be holes in the story
  12. His previous post is here and is dated the 5th of Oct last year.

    And states
    "i have currently been in the army for a year had some emotional state of mind, some horrible thoughts befor i joined but didnt do anything as didnt want it to stop me bein able to join, things have just got worse done a online assesment and says may be suverin serve depression had few diff things go on in my life, i was supose to be at back at reg yesterday drove all the way their and jus sat outside nd and cried for no reason, so turned around and jus drove and decided to drive home i understand after 48 hours i will be awol i booked doctors appoitment tomorro, just after some friendly advice and the bad comments any one wants to leave?"

    I would suggest to the OP that you have been given sound advice both in this thread and in your previous one. I would encourage you to report back to your unit, with your paperwork, otherwise it could exacerbate your situation. Nobody will be out to get you and it will assist you in getting the help that you need. If you cannot face returning to your unit alone then maybe you have someone who could go with you and support you>?
  13. Civilian Sick Note does not count for soldiers unless it has a certain phase on it (NHS Act 1948). You have duties under the Sick At Home policy to attend a Military Medical Officer. You do not have a civvie doctor - you only have your military one. The civvie can only treat you on an emergency basis, not for ongoing care. (again NHS Act 1948)

    Also the civvie doctor should have offered you counselling as it proven to be a better treatment for depression - however the Civilian waiting list is so long in most areas they won't have done. The military have excellent access to counselling through the CPN/DCMH network. If you want to get better then this is the best route. Very few civilian doctors understand what the Army's services are like and think we are all horrible shouting people, when actually we have better facilities and treatment for exactly the kind of patient you are.

    In short, speak to your military MO explain what is going on, he seems sympathetic having given you antidepressants before, and ask him for a CPN referral. All this can be done whilst you are on military sick leave, therefore you get paid, and aren't being concerned about getting picked up everytime you walk out of the house.

    You get better, you get money and it all happens much quicker. The other option is you sit at home, poor, worried, getting worse whilst you take some pills that may only solve part of the problem - it's your call.
  14. Mate.
    You really need to get back to your Barracks. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be for your units admin staff to sort you out when you get back.
    Remember your bosses tend to be unsympathetic to AWOL for any reason and before you can prove you are ill thats how they have to treat you.
    They will look at it as a military offence rather a shout for help from you until they have proof that you're ill. That proof comes later when you show your civvy sick noteAT WORK!.
    Remember The Army has procedures for everything. When you went sick at home, you were supposed to get a vist from your sick at home officer within 2 weeks. The only reason the Army lets you be sick at home would be if you were too poorly to get to work (broken leg for example).
    Until your MO sees you or you can explain to your boses they will assume the worst-that you are on the piss,making up excuses and AWOL!!
    Good luck pal.
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