Awful Infantry Types

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Orderly_Officer, Jan 11, 2002.

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  1. There appears to be too many awful infantry types on this site who do nothing but moan about how awful things in the Army are.

    Well I dont think rising from ones bed at 9ish, strolling down to the mess for coffee at 11, before trotting to the tank park for a bit of Quality Time with the men, gallopping back to the mess for lunch at 1130, having a nap till 3, doing a spot of personal admin then its teas at 4 is all that bad.

    Comments chaps
  2. To be honest we don't want this sort of abuse on our site but under the circumstances I'm going to have to agree with you....

  3. Hmmm.  Tosser what, what?  Those numerous folk in dirty clothes toss mud from their trenches into the air, chaps that never made it toss small bombs at something they can't see and everyone else, well, what do they do? (Bog all in Oman from what I saw, or maybe they were just "tossing").

    Only Cav can get one in the eye of the enemy from 2km combining beast action with maximum, but discriminatory violence.  The rest must fall down and beg forgiveness.

    Welcome to shock action - remember, size matters (and mine's 60 tonnes). ;)
  4. Shock, but it doesn't do 160 Mph and both eyes of the enemy? This thread should be re named 'NAAFI bar, Friday night'. :-X
  5. Flashy, old man, you should have been dining at eight. ;)
  6. Or in bed taking an AGC thing to heaven!! and back

    When will there be Air Cav? ::)
  7. Air Cav, coming soon to a (battlefield) theater near you soon!!!!!
  8. yeah probably an operating theater ;)
  9. "Quality time with the Men"?   3 hours down the tank park is merely an inconvenience in an otherwise  enjoyable social life.   If one were meant to converse with the proletariat one would have been born on a council estate, as opposed to a country estate in buckinghamshire.

    That said I have met a number of soldiers within the officers mess who do have the abililty to make a fine G and T, so they do have their uses in certain fields. ::)
  10. Like Buttdog said, and just as I suspected.
  11. Is there some way we can get this board pass word protected to prevent these na'er-do-wells from the wrong side of the street interrupting our discussion on about the awful inf.

    Driver left stick, on, "Sorry Old Man was that your bergan?"
  12. The saddest part is that, simply in terms of vocabulary, the majority of these posts from alleged Cav officers clearly come from people who are pretending to be what they would term "posh".
    A psychologist would have a field day.
  13. So how do you plan to out them Flak?
  14. Hmmmm. Not being G3 I could struggle here.
    Suggest quick-fire test involving five questions only the real thing would be able to answer quickly. However, rapid internet research by fakes could queer results.
    1) Which day of the year is the last upon which it is permissable to shoot pheseants in the UK?
    2) What is the healthy running temperature of a TR6 on a long run?
    3) Who runs the shop at Dege&Skinner since Mr Skinner retired?
    4) Is Cockburn's '63 still drinkable?
    5) How does one start a Challenger II? (This is clearly a trick question as no Cav officer would have a clue).
  15. I am obviously confused.  I thought you were Cav, flak.  If so, you are by definition G3.  

    Help, small brain overloaded due to too much loafing on the web site today.