Awful happenings in Sri Lanka

Seems the almost inevitable has occurred, and the cycle of violence will doubtless continue to avenge the latest wrongs.

'Sri Lankan police have fired tear gas at mobs attacking mosques and shops owned by Muslims and imposed a nationwide curfew after the worst outbreak of sectarian violence since the Easter bombings.

'Islamist militants targeted churches and hotels, most of them in Colombo, killing more than 250 people in an attack claimed by Islamic State and fuelling fears of a backlash against the island nation's minority Muslims.

'Residents in Muslim parts of Sri Lanka's North Western Province said mobs had attacked mosques and damaged shops and businesses owned by Muslims for a second day on Monday.'

Curfew in Sri Lanka after mosques attacked
And so it continues.

'Mob attacks on Muslim communities in Sri Lanka's northwest have left one person dead and dozens of shops and mosques destroyed, a government minister says. The death came as communal violence worsened in the wake of Easter bombings that killed more than 250 people.

'A Muslim man was hacked to death in Monday's violence in which members of the country's largely Buddhist majority ethnic Sinhalese attacked Muslim-owned shops and homes in several towns, said Rauff Hakeem, a Cabinet minister and leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. With communal violence also reported in Sri Lanka's west, the government imposed a nationwide curfew on Monday and temporarily blocked social media and messaging apps.

'Tensions have been running high in the Indian Ocean island nation since the April 21 attacks by seven suicide bombers who struck two Catholic and one Protestant church and three luxury hotels. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks, carried out by a local radicalised Muslim group.'

Muslim killed in Sri Lankan riots

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