Awesome Gift Ideas?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by squirt, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Emergency! Boyfriend's deploying to Iraq in just over a week... looking for a practical gift for him to take with him. So far, I've come up with ideas such as a good watch, or a leatherman.. Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks in advance guys! :D
  2. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    a hip flask filled with brandy. 8)

    got me through TELIC 1, one of those little babies. :twisted:

    make sure you send regular re-fills out to him though, or he won't thank you for it.
  3. Not sure about the brandy.. think he'd prefer sambuca! :twisted:
  4. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    then fill it with sambuca then!

    either way, a hip flask with any alcohol in it,is the way forward out there! :D
  5. Cheers dude... are there no rules about that sort of thing out there though?
  6. You could always try for a three way made with him and your best mate - high five :lol:

    Seriously, get him a decent watch like a traser or a baby g. spot on in the sand pit
  7. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    the crime's being caught :twisted:
  8. Wot about a nice long scarf for those cold nights? :D
  9. Wow good idea! He can have mine! Go well with his deserts... 8) :?
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Squirt, KFM had the right idea - go with the threesome.
    Send loads of filthy mail & pics to him while he's out there too.

    Oh, and some sort of rubber fanny or wnaking machine. Make sure it's sandproof though.
    The camels and donkeys get strangely attractive after a while......
  11. Dont worry Cuts that side of it's all sorted! lol
  12. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    can i watch?
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This is the NAAFI Squirt - you know we can't just take your word for it.
    Pics to be posted soonest.
  14. Hmmm... I'll see if they get allowed in the gallery... :lol:
  15. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    they will be, but i insist on personally reviewing them first :wink: