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Rhino_Stopper said:

Awesome ! An arrse trophy...?
As a newbie to ebay, I am impressed by the punters who bid against themselves (see the bidding history) and the bell-ends who try to enter fictitious amounts!

Ivan38ivan is in the lead at the moment with a bid of £75k. Do you think he's Russian?

Talk about a rip-ff price the nuggets have gone up to on EBay! They owner was given this as a trade against 12,000 quid.

Current bid is for 75 grand.

I have also seen a couple of spare engines for sale from the various MoD disposal agents... now that would make an interesting summer hobby.
putteesinmyhands said:
amazing__lobster said:
Anyone else worried that the highest bidder is called Ivan?
No need to worry until the engines and armaments also crop up on eBay.
Not a chance of that happening - the EBay Gestapo deleted my adds this morning for selling Lead molds for bullet heads

Yet you can but inert ammo with bullet heads attached?


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