Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rhino_Stopper, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. What a engines or weaponry. Whats the point then!
  2. As a newbie to ebay, I am impressed by the punters who bid against themselves (see the bidding history) and the bell-ends who try to enter fictitious amounts!

    Ivan38ivan is in the lead at the moment with a bid of £75k. Do you think he's Russian?

  3. going to put a bid on for it.
    if i win i will park it in my street.
    and watch the curtains twitch then.
  4. Talk about a rip-ff price the nuggets have gone up to on EBay! They owner was given this as a trade against 12,000 quid.

    Current bid is for 75 grand.

    I have also seen a couple of spare engines for sale from the various MoD disposal agents... now that would make an interesting summer hobby.
  5. Anyone else worried that the highest bidder is called Ivan?
  6. No need to worry until the engines and armaments also crop up on eBay.
  7. Maybe Ling should buy it, as a new promo board to replace the missile she was forced to sell!
  8. Not a chance of that happening - the EBay Gestapo deleted my adds this morning for selling Lead molds for bullet heads

    Yet you can but inert ammo with bullet heads attached?

  9. Is this the Sea Harrier that did the HALO insertion of the whole of 49 Para into Stanley?
  10. Since my full-time minders cleared off I'm waiting for one of these to come up

    B6 Level 2 Mondeo

    Is the taxpayer really getting best-value selling this off just now, or have they stopped shooting defence attaches?
  11. I'm going to bid for the harrier and use it as a key-ring.

    Think of the Walts I could impress as I put my car keys down on the bar.....
  12. Bo*****ks to that, he dont accept PayPal!!!!!
  13. And its local pick up only!