Away Days

I've been waiting all year for this film to be released, I finally got to see it last night and was ever so slightly disapointed.
For those of you who don't know it,it's taken from the book of the same name by Kevin Sampson.
It tells the story of "Carty",a lower middle class art school drop out who yearns to be accepted into "The Pack" , a group of pre- casual- era Scouse football hoolgans who follow Tranmere Rovers in the winter of 1979,and his relationship with "Elvis" - a bohemian wannabe,who runs with the pack slashing donkey jacket wearing wooly backs on the weekend whilst kitted out in Fred Perry and Forrest Hills.

For anyone who even has the slightest dislike of Scousers,this film will just re-enforce the sterotype about stanley knife carrying ******* with stupid wedge haircuts.


Any one else seen it?
I waited a long time as well-and it was not unlike series 2 of Life on Mars in terms of disappointment. I think the film highlighted the paucity of material in the original book. Face it, it was never going to be that good with a lead character called Elvis.

Fair one on the clobber-cant fault the attention to detail.

What's your take on the Cantona film by the boy Loach?
I saw the trailer last night,it looks good. Most of Ken Loach's movies are very good any way.
Raining Stones being my favourite,starring Bruce "Les Battersby" Jones.

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