Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bowser-Mong, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Help. Hope one you who is more educated can proffer some advice. What is/are the requirements for recommending a person for an award such as an MBE. Does a person have to have done something above and beyond or can the fact that theyhave served their country both in and out of uniform for 50 years hold sway? The reason I ask is that having seen some of the dross who have been awarded the MBE, such as that reggae "poet" a couple of years ago, I have been reliably advised that any recommendations made for MoD staff have to backed with actions above and beyond ie charity work out of hours work etc. Any advise gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    "Over and above" is usually the criteria required. These days the "50 years unblemished service" type citations hold less sway as there is more scope int he current climate for individuals to shine. But you will still see them occasionally. The bottom line is that if the citation catches the eye of the selectors it will get through.

    Political award of course are a different bsall game. They are given for failure, or for bank rolling the party, keeping quite about where the bodies atre buried etc...
  3. FBC

    Generally the "s/he has worked hard for a long time..." does not work. Really an MBE is an honour and just good old long service should not ever be enough otherwise we should all get one! However, cumulative charity / kids / interation with locals abroad etc can tip the balance.

    Ask your Bde or Div G1 - preferably if they have an RAO who has seen many processed and he can advise. Maybe something less than an MBE may be appropriate if not enough for the gong itself.

    There must be a reason this person's 50 years of service warrants more than most others in your view so good luck!
  4. The award used to be written up on an F Hons 10 IIRC. Maybe your Chief Clerk has a copy of an old one where the writer was successful.

    It should be kept to one page. I wrote a couple and it takes time. Write it, go away, review it, go away etc.

    The phrase "...................................... and deserves Official Recognition" is always useful at the end.

    Hope this helps.
  5. I put in for two when I had Coy command during the tenure of two COs. Went to each CO with "WO2 Xxxxxxx deserves official recognition for doing this particular task in a spectacular and successful fashion. May I submit a citation" Both supported it, after all, it is the CO that sends it up the chain.

    One was awarded the other was not.
  6. If you are after the Military MBE, remember it's a different ball game than those awarded for services to pop, sport, looking after the loos at Waterloo station etc. The Military Division still holds a bit of a cachet and needs to be earned, not bought like a lot of those every year.
    GOC NI back in the 80s would refuse to back any citation which said "has worked long hours in difficult conditions" because he reckoned everybody did. Doing a long stint in public service may get you a look in on the civvy list but won't even get past the first look on the Mil Div citations.
    Personally I reckon it's about time Her Maj (after all, she's been in the job long enough) should introduce a new order for recognition to all the nobs in the pop, show biz industries etc and retain the OBE for those who provide public service. She could call it the OBS (Order of British Sport interchangeable with Order of the British Stage). Then the luvvies could be a KBS (Knight of the British Stage) and winning a cricket match (which IMO totally demeaned the whole OBE structure) might make them a Member of British Sport. People like Sir Roger Moore could retain the KBE for services to the children's fund and Sir Ian Botham for his charity work. But Sir Alec Ferguson? Sir Cliff Richard? Sir Elton John? Kylie Minogue OBE?? What a mockery and insult to those who have been awarded lower orders because of rank held!! At least the little oyster pearl stripe down the Mil Div one does make it stand out a little.
    Putting in the hours, doing your job properly and making a success of things is what people are paid for. Those putting in the hours for a long time, improving conditions or procedures due to the work they have personally done, or motivated a team to do so, may warrant further recognition and deservedly so.
    Remember - MBE = Many Buggers Efforts, OBE = Other Buggers Efforts.

    Sorry for rant --- edited to say, chief clerk will hold honours forms and this should be instigated by an Officer and passed through the Unit COC. CO will then pass this to the next level for onward transmission to the Honours Committee.
  7. Another option, if a SNCO is the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM).

    A G1 wallah will know the definitive criteria, I think it may require a LSGC as one of the criteria, which may discount some :wink:
  8. Always thought MBE stood for My Bloody Efforts.

    Isn't the MSM awarded to WOs and SNCOs for loooooong service (and good conduct) rather like the LS&GC medal?
  9. That's rather synical if I may say so, the answer is in the titles, LS & GC and MSM...........My sodding medal.
  10. MSM is limited to 80 a year for the Army, substantive Sgt or above, hold LS&GC and have served 20 years. No small feat.
  11. OBE = Other Buggers Efforts.
    MBE = My Boys Efforts!
  12. Types of Award
    A Quick Guide to the Awards
    Companion of Honour
    Awarded for a pre-eminent and sustained contribution in the arts, science, medicine, or government.

    Awarded for a pre-eminent contribution in any field of activity, through:

    achievement or service to the community usually, but not exclusively, at national level; or
    in a capacity which will be recognised by peer groups as inspirational and significant nationally; and
    which demonstrates sustained commitment.
    Awarded for:

    a prominent national role of a lesser degree; or
    a conspicuous leading role in regional affairs, through achievement or service to the community; or
    making a highly distinguished, innovative contribution in his or her area of activity.
    Awarded for:

    a distinguished regional or country-wide role in any field;
    through achievement or service to the community;
    including notable practitioners known nationally.
    Awarded for:

    achievement or service in and to the community of a responsible kind which is outstanding in its field; or
    very local 'hands-on' service which stands out as an example to others.
    The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
    The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service is a UK wide Honour dedicated to recognising voluntary groups from all age groups, backgrounds and abilities who regularly devote their time to helping others in the community. Announced from Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty the Queen on 2 June each year, it is the most prestigious award in its field, the equivalent in status to the MBE and the highest UK Honour specifically rewarding the work of volunteer groups. To date nearly 600 groups have received the award. For more information on how to nominate a group in your community go to:[External website]

    The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion
    The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to promoting business enterprise skills and attitudes in other people – for example amongst young people or those in disadvantaged communities or in under-represented groups. These activities could be at a national, regional or local level. For further information go to[External website]

  13. Armynet and JSP 761 is your friend.

  14. The person I wish to recommend already has the LSGC & Bar and MSM.