At the end of basic, when you pass out I hear that certain awards are given out, such as 'Best Recruit' 'Most Improved' etc.

What other awards do they give, anyone know?

I'm determined to win something, even if its a pie eating comp (although I somewhat doubt they have those)!

you usually get 'best recruit' 'best pt' and 'best endeavor'
which is where you start off toally useless and finish up average.
some places do 'best shot' i think, hope this helps you mate, easiest one to go for mate is best endeavor he he
It's not about winning little medals for best shot etc... Don't worry yourself about it!
Everybody who gets through training is a winner, as they get to serve with a Corps that is world renound, steeped in history, more battle honours than any other Corps/ Regt in the world AND throws the best F*****g parties this side of the Nagasaki scorch mark!!!
Besides all that, you're going to be far too busy concentrating on getting thrashed around and counting down the days on your chuff-chart!!!
Plus, if you excell at something in training, you will be expected to maintain/ surpass your efforts when you get to phase 2...
Just enjoy training while your there, it only happens once...

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