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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Pox_Dr, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. Besides the VC being awarded some 250 other awards have been earned all of which deserve congratulations.

    Here are the names of the medical personnel.

    MBE - Captain Hugo Charles GUTHRIE
    Royal Army Medical Corps - Was 1BW UMO & while I was at Shaibar I saw this guy in action; he deserves every thing he gets & more.

    MiD - Lance Corporal Lisa Marie NEWBURN
    Royal Army Medical Corps

    Bronze Star Medal - Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Michael WILLIAMS
    Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

    Would love to know the story behind the bronze star.
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Any MoD links to this!
  3. HCW

    The Bronze Star:

    He was the Deputy Commander Medical for all Coalition Forces in Iraq just after the war and worked on General Sanchez's staff in Baghdad.
  4. why are the AMS so bad at nominating their troops for operational awards? absolute toss, some doctors with MBEs, couple of techs with QCVSs, and the only MiD was put forward by the Black Watch!!
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  6. I know, I should know better :roll:
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  9. FF,

    Honors and Awards (H&A) are a very contentious issue. However, this is an easy one to answer. There are three options and I am not telling you which is the correct one. Either the AMS personnel deployed are doing their job and no more and therefore do not warrant any H&A or their officers and SNCOs can’t be bothered to write them up for one or they do write them up but the justification is not strong enough. You decide.
  10. there you go, its the answer that we all know.
  11. L-B you said SNCOs, can SNCOs & WOs write up personnel under their command for H&As :?:
  12. They write them up and it goes to the hierarchy.................... problem seen
  13. There is one unit that DO nominate for Medals Honours and awards
    16 CSMR !! They always get their fair share and they usually F**k Off after about 2 Weeks of action for about 2 Months of "standown" leaving the rest of us out here for Months !! :evil:
  14. DL,

    Anybody can nominate anybody for an award. I believe that I am correct in saying that you can nominate yourself for an award if you want (NL restructuring of the H&A system back in 97/99). However, the Armed Forces use the CoC as the first filter to add more weight to the write up if required. SNCOs should start the process. “Sir I think that Pte X deserves a medal/award for the way that/actions on date…..” and so on. The thing to remember is that H&A are not just awarded for killing thre enemy. BEMS and MBEs are normally for admin type work.

    TamponTs comments are a classic example of how emotive this issue is. If 16 CMSR can be bothered to do a strong write up their blokes will get the award. If other units can’t be arrsed then they won’t get an award. Simple as that. Sitting in an RAP tent and swatting flies will get you nothing (except the personal satisfaction of killing flies). You blokes used to get H&A all the time, loads of VCs, QGMs, GMs and so on. Bloody medics get everywhere and the Army is still kicking in doors and duffing up people. What has happened? I know, don’t tell me DCS 15 and MHDUs are the root cause of the current lack of H&A :wink: .