Awarded Military Cross for bravery!


Good looking lass as weell, now we all know that girls dont have balls so what should we say to describe her double ardness, boobs of kevlar?
Sounds worthy of more than an MC. Incredible valour and devotion to duty.
Well done that girl.

And all the way from Ballymena-howwww.
Left field observation (all respect to the awesome and heroic young lady concerned) - people with less and less heroic/military sounding names are starting to get recognised for their gallantry. Kylie. I ask you. How long before we start decorating people called 'Waynetta'. Or 'Moon Unit'? Any blokes with chavtastic or hippytastic names on the honour roll? If not, it surely can't be long...
Sounds worthy of more than an MC. Incredible valour and devotion to duty.

I can't help but think that perhaps she would of been awarded a higher honour if she had risked her backside saving the lives of white eyed troops instead of ANA chaps.

Just like I can't help but suspect that the Johnny G who won the CGC would of maybe been awarded a higher honour if the powers that be weren't lining up his Regiment for the chop in the not so distant future.

I might sound overly cynical but there seems to be an awful lot of politics behind the awarding of gongs.
Great work by her and a well deserved M.C. for great bravery. A very impressive Soldier!
Another observation... her fiancé is a medic who is currently serving in Afghanistan. In a peace time army I can see a lot of pluses in getting together with somebody in the same line of work, and you presumably have a lot i'n common, but what price harmony guidelines when one of you is on tour when the other is back home and vica versa?
This quote in particular stood out for me;

"It sounds dramatic I suppose but it wasn't, I know for a fact I didn't hit a thing. I need to get on the range a bit more often I suppose."

Makes you proud to be British. Well done.