Award from the queen for being gay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Have just picked up m local rag - The Argus - published in Brighton (where else) and the headlines read Lt Cdr Jones RN has been awarded an MBE for, and i quote, His succesful lobbying of the Ministry of Defence on gay rights unquote. he goes on to say he had to make a stand for other , his partner of 11 years, Adam, regularly comes on board (these are his words - not mine)
  2. Well there you have it. Fcuking Labour. Fcuking hermers. Fcuking lunacy.
  3. Dam poofters, pull the plug on his tug !
  4. Whilst I have little time for looking over the shoulder of the man in front, the responses already on this thread show the sort of behaviour this man attracts. Just think back to what he did to raise his case and get a result. Maybe his cause is sick, repulsive and downright wrong to early opinions here but he stuck to his guns and went for what he felt was right, Had he shown the same effort, and attracted the same response, in advocating fur coats for little animals in winter, he'd have been deemed a hero. For that, he deserves respect. If God forbid, he were to die in service, we would see more RIP etc here than condemnation so why does he not get recognition for his actions in life?
    Also, remember that in these modern times, honours arise from personal recommendation and are not dished out as if they came up with the rations. Those who nominated and supported him may - as will doubtless be pointed out to me - all be benders themselves but even there he has distinguished himself in their eyes.
    On a general note, it might not harm things if this whole forum were slightly less homophobic. We would then - hopefully - attract adult and constructive comment rather than just 'castrate the cnut' which really adds fcuk all. Even here in the NAAFI. I wasn't long in one but I do remember that they were not all f'ing and barring all the time.
  5. Okay. own up. Who's hacked ORC's account?
  6. Bender
  7. Fair comment oldredcap - my gripe is that why should someone be emblazened across the front of a news paper for promoting gay rights when there are a lot of other persons who have been honoured for supporting other groups/charities etc been totally ignored - i guess its the old pc thing and also its a brighton and hove newspaper (need i say more) i just think its wrong to highlight one individual in the way he has been - whilst the newspaper did mention other people in sussex who were recognised his total column inches and large photo exceeded by a large margin the reporting of the others.
  8. Brilliant riposte
  9. Nothing wrong with being Homophobic, i've been one all my life.
  10. OSACIN I'm not interested in how many inches are in his column. This bloke had been DECORATED for pushing (as opposed to reciving) his hermer agenda. If it runs to form, he should be at home decorating in a frilly pinny. I am always suspicious of a service that is named after a packet of FAGS

  11. If you admire him soooooo much, go and get him to dry bum you.

    Or at least get him to show you the golden rivet.........
  12. ORC and NM are getting some stick. By statistics of Monkeys on here, Coppers are kiddie fiddling faggot apologists Now I know stats can lie.
  13. I disagree. Well kind of. If you want to be a bummer in 1 UK Civ Div then fine. As long as you dont attempt willy tick with me i dont care. But in the armed forces its bad drills and only serves to create some sort of divide. I mean come on do you reckon immature 16 - 20 year old lads would be able to follow a full screw on an 8 mile Tactical Mince to Battle. Or even worse Basha up with him Let him hold a shower bag for you on exercise etc etc.
    There are a few cutting about now and i accept it. But it should never have been allowed to happen!