Award for Wootten Bassett ?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this (please move if needed)

I was watching the news the news again and more re-patriated lads coming home and the village of Wootten Bassett lining the streets for our war dead.
and wondered if the village could be rewarded for supporting and honouring our war dead a village which must be one of the most patriotic little villages in this country. a rear thing these days
The family of a soldier KIA said the same thing on the ITV news last night. The father of Rfn Sheldon took great comfort from the tribute paid to his son from the towns folk of Wooton Bassett and called for recognition. He actually mentioned the VC, although I personally feel this is not the correct sort of award. However, I think that the town should be recognised in some form or other.

The people of Wooton Bassett certainly show a great deal of respect to our servicemen on their re-patriation and, in my view, restore the pride in our country which is sadly lacking in most parts.
A good point well made. The Town is doing what I would hope any other town in the country would do if the APOD was next door to them. That said they are doing it and setting the standard for the rest of the Country.
jack-daniels said:
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Cheers J-D

Have now 'signed' it.
Wootten Bassett, GC. Has a ring to it - or if HMG doesn't feel inclined how about HMQ confering the Title "Royal" ie: Royal Wootten Basset?

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I have signed the online petition and would like to see WB formally recognised.

I know that the BFG attends WB and is an absolute gentleman in representing the ARRSE community and informing folk.

I would be honoured to throw a few pound at getting a polite diplomatic ARRSE tribute to the the decent folk of WB as a thank you for those who can't attend. Initially maybe a painting/framed print or a nice certificate that could be hung on the walls of the RBL in Wooten Basset or the Town Hall.
Could one of the MODs move this out of the NAAFI, before some little git crayons all over it.

What to award them though? Royal Borough?
dingerr said:
Could one of the MODs move this out of the NAAFI, before some little git crayons all over it.

What to award them though? Royal Borough?
Could they spell the name of the town correctly in the heading at the same time? Show some respect! ;-)
The petition has been signed and forwarded to several groups.

Returning from RAF Lyneham recently, during the arrival of a repatriation flight, it was heartwarming and quite humbling to see the townfolk of Wootton Bassett lining the high street, quietly awaiting the arrival of the cortege.

They show great solidarity in support of our servicemen and women on active service and whilst I am quite sure most townsfolk and villagers in the UK would do the same these people are there on the front line every single time a repatriation flight arrives into the UK and for that I salute them.

They deserve recognition.

Coming not too far from 'Basset' as it's known locally I've been to one of the parades and the general murmur of the crowd is fantastic. All about mourning a hero and showing their respect in a real way. Makes you feel a little humbled actually.

I personally would like to see some sort of memorial in the town centre conveying the thanks of the Forces.

Signed! The towns folk continously turn out time and time again to line the streets of the small town for the cortege to show their respect.

Now its our turn to thank them.

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