Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by goatbagthedruid, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. No

  2. Maybe

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  3. No - his own free choice to do it

  4. Yes - prefer ARRSE Order of Merit (AOM)

  5. Yes - love the name

  1. Good / Bad CO / fellow ARRSErs,

    Hackle has performed a valient service raising the issue of Service Voting (or lack of it) to the highest level (Parliament no less).


    Is there such a thing as an ARRSE Order of Merit which be bestowed on him? Maybe a Number 4 Heart?? - I can only dribble at the designs!

    I believe it should be done. If you agree, them please vote.

    COs - comments?


  2. Absolutely! (Although AOM is better!)

    Does anyone else see the irony in voting about whether to give him an award based on his attempts to get us voting?? :D:D

    Well done that man, a valuable contribution not only to arrse, but the wider service community.

  3. He is certainley deserving!

    Cheers Hackle
  4. Very impressive Hackle. I assume the article in Soldier is no coincidence. Well done.
  5. I agree.

    A Golden Hackle maybe?
  6. Agreed

    Arrse Golden Hackle with Oak leaves and Diamonds :)
  7. I like it. Except swap the Oak leaves for a spay of thistle.
  8. Thanks guys :oops:
  9. J_D

    J_D LE

    Good work hackle!
  10. Arrse Golden Hackle with thistles rampant, diamonds and crossed swords.

    Seriously - well done Hackle - superb achievement.
    How do we get him a Peerage?
  11. Fozzy, disgustingly, as discussed on another thread, it has to be bought. :evil: Though I'm sure we can all spare 20 shiny pee for Hackle's Peerage Fund... :D Lord Hackle of Locks Bottom*? :? 8O :lol:

    Excellent work Hackle, democracy and liberty need people to care about them!

    *Anyone know of any other suitable place names for ARRSErs to use in the instance that they are elevated to the House of Lords?
  12. or would that be Lochs End?
  13. Absolutely, well done hackle.

    There is also a guy over on Armynet who is making waves with parliment/housing authorities/MP's and the like with respect to service personnel and their entitlement to social housing. Specifically, the difficulty in gaining a connection point to an area. I know he has been posting here as well, but not sure of his user name. Not wanting to detract from hackle's good work, but this guy is also championing a worthy cause and doing it well.

  14. Hmmmm, that IS spooky. As those of you who know by heart our 'electoral' paper can confirm, it mentions that very point about social housing and connection to the area... (Silence in the Ranks, page 27!)

    Intrigued to hear about this commendable 'guy on Armynet', as my own non-political interest in service welfare issues is not confined to service voting.

    Cue witch-hunt for parallel-poster on both Armynet and ARRSE. My nomination: Biscuits_AB.

    Perfect! "Lord Hackle of Arthur's Seat" might be a bit TOO specific, even in these enlightened times. :lol:
  15. I am late in adding to this thread, as I am still awaiting a) my own IGS at work and b) installation of broadband in my room, having arrived in pastures new.

    I add my thanks and congratulations to Hackle for all he has done with regard to the issue of electoral registration and service voting in particular, but also in raising our profile with politicians generally.