awaiting Sickle cell blood test appointment

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Hi all I applied to join the B.A in early march this year and put A.A.C aviation groundcrew specialist as my first option. I've passed the medical history checks and now have to do this Sickle Cell blood test which I was made aware of 2 weeks ago now but still haven't received the appointment despite my efforts to contact both my local AFCO and the national recruitment centre for an update. Maybe its me being to eager and pushy but cant stand sitting around waiting for everything to start. Plus would be good to get assessment centre out the way to get things moving anyone know the average time for this section of the selection process? (Never remembered the army doing this a couple years back)


There is a medical sticky thread on the regular recruiting board. It is large enough to be seen from outer space.

There is a thread on the reserve recruiting board signposting it.

It really shouldn’t be this difficult.
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