Awaiting Charge, Unit has stopped/delayed posting

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by 2 Years to push, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. I was due to be posted from my Unit but i had gotten in trouble with my Ex wife and got taken to court, which i stupidly never informed my Unit.

    They stopped me going to my new posting and are now trying everything to charge me, and it has taken them 2 months alrerady, but have not done anything or told me anything as yet.

    They have the outcome of the court hearing and the conviction b ut are now seeking information form the ploice as to the charge etc.

    Can they do this? i mean ask the police for info on a charge when they already have the conviction from the court. Im at my wits end and its costing me my children as am in transit accomodation and cant get access to them.

    Thanks for reqading and please help.
  2. Charge you for not telling them? Yes

    AGAI you for consequential military penalties? Yes

    Ask the police for more information - that might not have come out at court (especially if you plead guilty) that may have relevance to the CMP? Yes.

    Not keep you informed of what is going on? They 'can', clearly, but they should not be doing so. You do have a right to be kept up to speed.
  3. Thanks Idrach for replying,

    I plead not guilty and was found guilty, RMP have the sentence paperwork and what the outcome is, i know i should have told them but want to get on with my life, as it doesnt affect my job in any way.

    Just wanted to check if they have a specific time frame to deal with this rather than drag it out as i will end up loosing the posting i have.
  4. I've had a quick look (Manual of Service Law and the "Rights of the Accused" Guide) and I'm afraid I don't think there is one - and, even if there is, commencing the investigation and being held up (civvie police or operational commitments) would be likely to get them a "permission to continue" chit from the CoC. I may, of course, be horribly wrong ...