Awaiting an ARRSE entry

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Achmed, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Achmed

    Achmed War Hero

    We are still waiting for an arrse entry for the Gimpball Rally, pm me or register through the site.
  2. Achmed

    Achmed War Hero

    Theres a team from Egoat recons Arrse isnt up to this kind of rally.....FFS
  3. Achmed

    Achmed War Hero

    FFS even Jolly Jack is entering two teams
  4. Achmed

    Achmed War Hero

    We ve got a couple of WRENs signed up for this now, Fcuk me we'll be busing nurses from Aldershot next
  5. Achmed

    Achmed War Hero

    The Vintage Gay Car Club have submitted an entry, still a bit quiet on this site with regard to entries.
  6. Achmed

    Achmed War Hero

    We ve added the Gimpball Beerfest run in october for those who cant make the 7day rally event. i note that MDN is after your dosh again, enter the rally and MDN will get a good whack form us as well. visit big helga at the website



    I think the fact you keep putting sinlge posts on to 'bump' your threads on this and no one is interested, just admit defeat, NO ONE IS INTERESTED!!!!!