Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ritch, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, sorry if the following is a tad bone.

    I saw a docu the other day about troops in Afghanistan and saw a sniper engaging Taliban targets with a AW50F.

    Firstly, is the AW50 widely used in Iraq/Afghanistan?
    And I thought something to do with the Geneva convention prohibited 12.7mm rifles being used against human targets?

    Could anyone help?

  2. Barrett 50 cal been used in ops for years,not aware of it being against the geneva convention tho, on what grounds?
  3. theres a specific type of ammo incendiary/ap thats against the convention if issued deliberately for use against people.
    i.e if you were shooting at taliban trucks and somebody got hit tough.
    if you went out with your .50 loaded to engage people with said ammo you'd be naughty.
    but as the stuff is expensive doubt MOD has brought any so terry will only be shot with safe fluffy ammo.
    I sure that will be a great comfit to MRS terry "at least the infidels didn't use nasty ammo on him :twisted: "
  4. quoted from
    The question about .50 being "against the laws of war" to use against personnel, only concerns exploding rounds (in the US service I think the only problematic round for the M82 is the M211 Raufoss multipurpose round, which I believe could very well be against the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, when specifically used against personnel). However, US is not a signatory of that declaration and has IIRC reserved right for their own interpretation on how the customary international law affects their armed forces in regards to this specific issue.
  5. Cheers mate, I got a bit confused.