Aw naw Tommy's out

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Expect more dribblings from the guilty one now he's out thankfully on liecence and on the news sounding like he's got a gagging order for the 6mths he's under curfrew. I really just wish he'd give it a rest but looks like as per usual he's going to have something to say about something. Expect the airwaves to be full of his shit over the coming months

    BBC News - Ex-MSP Tommy Sheridan freed from Castle Huntly prison

    30 January 2012 Last updated at 00:10 [h=3]Share this page[/h]
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    [h=1]Ex-MSP Tommy Sheridan due to leave jail[/h][​IMG] Tommy Sheridan was jailed at the High Court in Glasgow in January last year
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    Tommy Sheridan is expected to be released from Castle Huntly open prison - just over a year into his three-year sentence.
    The former MSP and Scottish Socialist Party leader was convicted in December 2010 following the longest perjury trial in Scottish legal history.
    He was found guilty of lying during his successful defamation case against the News of the World in 2006.
    Sheridan, 47, was jailed at the High Court in Glasgow in January last year.
    His lawyer has accused prison authorities of trying to "gag" him on his release from jail.
    Aamer Anwar said Sheridan had told him he would be banned from speaking in public when he is released.
    The Scottish Prison Service said it would not comment on individual cases.
    Sheridan has served just over a year of his three-year sentence.
    Electronic tag Any prisoner serving a sentence of less than four years is currently eligible for automatic early release at the half-way point in their jail term.
    Sheridan would therefore be entitled to be freed from prison after 18 months.
    However, under current provisions, it is possible for individuals to spend up to the last six months of their sentence on home detention curfew.
    This means that they can be freed from prison to live at home but must wear an electronic tag for the remainder of their sentence.
    Mr Anwar said Sheridan would seek a judicial review if there was an attempt to gag him as part of his release conditions.
    During the three-month High Court trial, Sheridan claimed he was the victim of a "vendetta" by the police and a "conspiracy" involving the now-defunct News of the World and former colleagues within the SSP.
    In August last year, he was denied the chance to appeal against his conviction, following a ruling by senior judges.
    Sheridan was convicted of five of six allegations in a single charge of perjury, relating to his evidence during the civil action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

  2. I quite like Tommy really, as he serves a purpose. I have just heard his post release press conference on the radio and his dribblings only confirm that there will NEVER be a Socialist Government elected in this country - I am referring to the UK as opposed to the country of his birth. Surely the electorate is not that stupid? I believe the term used is "useful idiot" - it also applies to Nick Griffin and almost all of the Liberal democrats.
  3. Well he's certainly had enough time to think about what to say, but Mr Salmond will have to vet it first in case he damages the case for independence.
  4. I am sure certain "clubs" will be getting visited soon
  5. Good to see the comrade free at last. Tommy is a staunch Socialist and was fitted up by the establishment for that very reason. I hope he can now progress to proving his innocence and forcing the powers-that-be to make embarrassing amends.

  6. It looks like Gail's already getting her retaliation in first with an 'exclusive' in the Daily Rangers.
  7. Of course he was. That is why he was found guilty by 15 men and women of his country.
  8. good to have him back, the man is a loon but he can make the news more interesting on occaison. i always liked that he thinks himself so important that the police, the media and the security services would all collude to have him stitched up.

    the big mad shagger.
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  9. Ah yes, of course. That would also apply to the Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six and Annie McGuire, right?

  10. Just fuck off and die will you?
  11. they were probably guilty of something.
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  12. Well done that man! You even got all the spelling right, although you're diffy a comma after "die", but not a bad attempt at all. Anyway, we'll put you on joined-up writing tomorrow.:eye:

  13. Nah, wrong country
  14. Jumping right in at point 10a eh?
  15. Said, without a hint of irony, by the man who wrote: "**** off and die, will you?". Yoo velli fonni fella, fella. Mebbe yoo tly write comedy for telly, yes?