Aw, diddums..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_AB, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Let down by their countrymen: how our Forces often feel unappreciated - Telegraph

    The heartstrings were just about to twang...then I read the bit about the female RAF 'Baby-Killer'. I think someone has been watching far too many documentaries on 'nam.

    As a matter of interest, did any of you partake in this group love in? Do you really feel unappreciated? Do you really want civvies to walk up to you in the street and thank you for being in the Forces?

    I think 'Hug-a-Squaddie' day isn't too far away.
  2. Surely the point about not having postcodes has been resolved with the new BFPO postcodes?
  3. Well all I can say is that my friend Sig Proxy has never encountered any nastiness in all the time he has been serving,no probs with mobile contracts,no probs with credit cards,no probs getting credit/insurance for his car,he has even got a 'Costco' discount card..

    When home on leave he comes home wearing his uniform (It allows him to get home that bit quicker by not changing + it's a long drive from S Wales) and he always receives compliments and thanks from all the neighbours.....
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  4. If having some civvie call you nasty names is the worst thing that ever happens to you in your military career you've not had a bad run.

    Christ he makes us sound like right needy *****.
  5. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Someone should write a poem about it, perhaps call it The Queen's Uniform, no, that doesn't quite work, why don't we call it Tommy.

    Shite, it's already been done, a hundred and twenty years ago!

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  6. Or even a Traffic Warden,,,must be the uniforms.....
  7. I used to get loads of abuse,even spat on when in uniform,but ,hey,par for the course as a bus driver.
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  8. I was once forced to live in a hole in the ground in the rain just because I was in the Army.

    Another time, again just because I was in the Army, someone shot at me.

    I feel it's time for behaviour like this to be stamped out.
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  9. Prostrate yourselves before me, oh worthless minions for I am a British Soldier. Worship me and give me free stuff!
  10. To get things back on on even keel I'm going to assault a female civilian.
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  11. Refused mobile phone contracts? Orange gave me a discount for being a squaddie, gave me a free handset and let me suspend my contract whilst on tour. Lots of stores that don't normally offer discounts have given discounts when I've been shopping in uniform and quite a few give 10% or so off if you've got your MOD90.

    In fact, the only ****** that seems to hate the fact I'm in the Army is my boss! :)
  12. He does, but to be honest James, I think quite a few whiners beat him too it a few years back with their demands on free this and free that. It was all quite embarrassing. This website was plagued with it.
  13. No its ****ing embarrassing, as happened recently to me when 2 elderly gentlemen, whilst doing the rounds in Tesco, started publicly heaping praise on me, as I was in uniform!

    For those wanting to show their gratitude, show it by donating a quid or two, there are plenty of service charities out there, for those that need it!
  14. This is very much a yank thing isn't it? I rememer being at Sea World in Florida and before Shamu (the killer whale show) started they had all service personnel stand up, gave a sappy speech then played the national anthem.

    I've always seen British forces people as being quite modest about their job and not fussing over public opinion. I know staying out of uniform in public is to do with security after the Troubles but I always thought that might be a factor.