AVRE crews in here!

Just watched Ch4's Salvage Squad.
They did a restoration job on  a Cent AVRE reg no 01ZR15. Any ex crews out there?

It currently belongs to a collection owned by a guy near Luton called Nick Mead of Tanks a Lot.

They managed to find a photo of it as an MBT in Egypt during the Suez crisis, and tracked down one of the crew.

In one of the map bins, they found a bluey written in the Gulf by a guy called Mark Foster, 6Tp, 32 AER, and they managed to find him as well.

One question though. They said it had reactive armour. I thought all our tanks were up-armoured with bolt on chobham plates. Did we have reactive armour?
There were 2 basic types of add on armour available.  The first was extra packs of normal(ish) armour.  CR1 had it on the skirting plates, warrior had that pointy bit on the front and even 432s had extra (but not all - some just welded old chieftain skirting plates on).  Not sure if it was called Chobham, I think it had another name, some coastal ish town like Scunthorpe (but not Scunthorpe).

The other add on packs were reactive.  CR1 had it at the front and I remember seeing AVREs with it.

Must have been great going to war in the 1990s on a vehicle that came into service before the end of WW2!
"Thanks for that. Apparently it is/was the longest serving tank at the time. "

Longest serving, or the longest driving in a straight line?

Fill in the missing recovery report (tick all that apply):

1 x AVRE broken down at:

a) Inside the hangar
b) Back gate
c) Schnelly von Grossentankenschtopp
d) Harbour area
e) On the way to do some graft/help the fieldies
f) Ginsters Pie factory outlet
g) Grid Ref (go on, give it a try, you did the same CMS as us didn't you?)

I know this is an old thread but here goes anyway...

I used to drive 01zr15 from 1987 to early in 1990. I didn't know it still existed!

It was one of the two 165 AVREs in 1 Tp. 26 AES 32 AER at that time and also one of the most reliable Centurions in the squadron. That is until it had an engine change in the field which messed up the gearbox to engine alignment which in turn kept ruining the main engine seal.

I have a picture of it somewhere stuck in a hole somewhere on the Soltau/Lüneburg Training Area. That wasn't much fun I can tell you...

Anyway thanks for the info that my old wagon is still alive somewhere.

bloody 'ell..place is full of spotters!!!! :p pm me fellow eins truppen dude!! 8)
no wonder he does the Armoured Engineer Newsletter (or did do!!) 8) cool

shame he didn't mention the 105's...would be nice to know where they ended up :?
I am sure I worked on that vehicle circa 1978/9 @ Munsterlager (before it got Oertzer-ed)

Hated the fecking things - I wasn't even an A Mech.
dunstaggin said:
I also did the Armoured newsletter.
special items of interest.................

pie flavours what would you like to see next.......................

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you're only jealous Knocker...all that time spent in the back of your dark, sweaty biscuit tin along with countless others....and not out in the open feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face (and the smell of diesel/petrol fumes)...hehehe :wink:
105AVRE said:
and not out in the open
fieldy's don't need to come out, how hard was it to tell your parents :?: :wink: :?: :wink:
i've seen quite a few who should've come out....dancing around with their orange poles... :twisted: anyway...women are alright ..but you can't beat the REAL thing! :wink: :flower:
105AVRE said:
i've seen quite a few who should've come out....dancing around with their orange poles... :twisted: anyway...women are alright ..but you can't beat the REAL thing! :wink: :flower:
:D :D :D :D
Give me a clue, I can remember Spanner as commander of 01ZR15 but cannot for the life of me remember who his driver was. The sad thing is I can still remember one or two of the other vehicle registration numbers though!!!

The commander they found from Op Granby joined the troop just after I was dragged up to SHQ.


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no wonder you aint made any friends on her mush . I havnt read the rules but are you the only one allowed to post on here then? or are you a chunkey an not an armoured God . last item .
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