Avon calling - mossie repellant

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mungeous, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    tried to find it in previous posts but can't. So, whats the proper name of the Avon cream stuff that also keeps the mossies at bay (they're as big as wasps here - honest).
  2. Avon Skin So Soft
  3. Trev I bet you have the softest skin!..mmm :wink:
  4. Have just come back from Belize, and brought a few cans of 'OFF' with me worked a treat out there. Just cant find it over here.
  5. Skin So Soft works with the Scottish midges and they are very resistant to most of the branded goods. So Soft will ease any bites you do get. Otherwise, any anti-histamine will ease the bites. Hydro-cortisone cream will kill the itch. Sorry not much about how to keep the bstards away but I find that whatever I use, there is always one midge that gets through
  6. I do Avon - if any one wants anything then PM me - Skin so soft works a treat. :D
  7. take garlic supplement pills, just like every one else they'll stay away :)...

    ...your skin will excret it and the buggers will stay away
  8. So Soft, works a treat and it softens up the skin after a couple of

    days smothered in camo cream

    Garlis pills have some effect as well

    but when your washing your uniform put a bit of tea tree oil in the wash

    and that also repels the little bastrds
  9. Some of the biggest and loudest mossies that I encountered was on Soltau TA. The repellant we had only attracted them more. I am now back in the Tropics and I find that Citronella Oil works fine. It is available from Chemist for applying to skin, also available in candle form, oil to be burnt in lamp, and as an indoor plant.
  10. Which bloody Skin so soft product do you use, there's dozens. I've worked out it isn't the waxing or cellulite cream but there are too many choices..
  11. I need some, got to spend 3 weeks in jockland and the midges love me...whats the price?
  12. That's not mossie bites that's your skin melting. 100% deet does that.
  13. Have you seen the tennis racquet shaped electronic mosquito zapper? Powered by 2 AA batteries it works well.
  14. Oh yes very tactical and especially useful while asleep out in the field.
  15. The Avon stuff is the green moistureiser(?), it doesn't stop them bothering you, but they don't bite.