Avoiding Proper Work

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_baron, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. As anyone who knows me knows this could be described as my outlook on life nay credo. :D

    Having not done a proper job (a Field Army unit) in quite a while (what the duck is Bowman :? ) and then only briefly and not wanting to go back does anyone have any suggestions where I could go?

    Hmmm should I re-phrase that last bit?

    And yes yes I know it depends on my trade and rank but I'll be boiggered 8O if I turn this into another trade bashing thread. Fair to say though I'm not keen or green and built for comfort not speed. :lol:

    Got to stop those ruddy double entrendes :p

    I do have feelers out through proper channels (RCMO) however just thought I'd cover my bases and I got lost trawling through all the old threads and thought this was a good way of collating the results.
  2. Civvy Street!
  3. It works for some
  4. Get yourself to Northwood for winners failing that get down to Sunny Tidworth :eek:
  5. Northwood is life sucking and depressing!
  6. Oh I don't know.
  7. Working with the Navy is great, with the word "Work" being interpreted very loosely.
  8. Some of us actually do fcuking work you know!
  9. Well glad to hear it!! :D :D
  10. Baron, Dont come here (northwood) my kidney's couldn't take it :wink:
  11. That's alright. I wouldn't want the cleaning bills to heap up on your desk.

    Only taking the pith or is that you :p
  12. And bloody Tidworth isnt :D
  13. I love work, It gives me something to do, except for sitting down doing fcuk all. Plus i like to show that im keen. People who mince don't deserve the money. :x