avoiding an md

I.have been seeking help for ptsd and been told i.am up in front of the medical board in.march.

I really dont want a medical diacharge as it will effect future jobs.

I have been thinking about leaving and i want to start a career offshore.

I have received a lot of help and feeling much more myself and ready to take the plunge.

But if i hand my chit in can i avoid the med board. If i cant i dont want them to think i want to leave as i am worried this will change things.

Also if i hand my chit in now and do the courses i need to do and get a job offer before my med board is due how will that work?

I have tried speaking to welfare about this but she cant answer my questions and i dont want to alert to many.people that these are my intentions.

Advice appreciated
If you need a bit of support for a wee while mate take it.

Dont get hung up on military stuff effecting your future civvy career, civvies dont really give a flying **** about what you've done in the military, as long as you can help make the company money and do the job they'll be happy.

Get your shit squared away then take on the world. Best of luck.


I second what wet_blobby said, also if you really want to remain in the Armed Forces or just want to avoid being MD'd then I'd suggest speaking to your MO as he/she will best placed to advise you on medical issues.
If you haven't yet then get in touch with Combat Stress. they will direct you to the right support for you. Great people.

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