Avoid pneumonia diagnosis?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gedge, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Well went on a 'camping trip' with a couple friends from friday through monday in exmoor (yes I know we are crazy). Well as im sure some of you know the night we went there was a weather warning. Unfortunatly on our first day we covered a large distance meaning that on the second day we couldnt make it back to Minehead so had to spend a second night camping.

    3am on the 3rd morning the top of tent A was removed by heavy winds and while putting all our equiptment into tent B the top of that one also ripped apart.... (I believe BUGGER is the correct term)....

    So yeah 3am we pack anything we can grab and start heading to Minehead, 4hours to cover 3miles most of which was knee deep in mud, still with 90mph winds and enough rain to warrent the governemnt starting an arc building project.

    After getting into Minehead, alot of the roads where flooded and the breakwater just wasnt up to the task, so from about 7:30am - 8pm we where helping with the clearing out/sand bagging of sea front properties (mostly protecting rich peoples cars who where staying in hotels there) but unfortunatly contracted pneumonia (according to a paramedic on standby near the hotel) and was told to see my GP for some antibiotics to clear it up, was wandering what to do really - start basic on 21st January 2008 and was wandering if I should go to a private GP or just let it take its course so it doesnt go on my record? Any help appreciated...

    - Gedge
  2. Fella, get yourself to your GP, Pnuemonia can feckin kill ya.
  3. Go to the GP you idiot and see what they say. As said before lots of people die of pneumonia.
  4. and the paramedic made this diagnosis based on what evidence??
    You may well have a chest infection or just a cold. Unless the infection is proven to be bacterial, antibiotics will be useless.
    If you HAVE got pneumonia, turning up at basic with it, whether on your record or not, would be a stupid thing to do, as you physically will not be up to doing the running about getting sweaty stuff.
  5. Its not an extreme case though, very lightly enflamed lungs or something or rather, medic said it wouldnt warrant a hospital trip unless I felt real bad but should get some antibiotics from my GP, thing is - I feel fine really, just like a heavy cold with alot of phlem.
  6. Just go and get the antibiotics. Its not hard.
  7. Yeah I spose, just dont want to turn up at basic with all my kit just for them to say 'come back in 6months'... certainly would cause all hell since I finish work on the 21st of this month so that would actually be an absolutle nightmare to get around...
  8. then you ABSOLUTELY do not have pneumonia...you have a cold! Pneumonia knocks you off your feet totally and wipes you out.At the very worst you have man-flu.You big Poof :D
    Fluids,rest and paracetamol.
    If you are worried,start a high fever or are coughing up greeny-yellow sputum,then see GP
  9. Just felt flu-like for a day or so now, just like a heavy cold. You know when you wake up in the morning, sit up - then suddenly get hit with head ache/dizzyness etc, had that yesterday but today just feel like a heavy cold (only just got over 1 actually).
  10. Well don't go then, its your call.
    Just don't come whinging to us when you wake up dead.
  11. heh you have my word that i wont be doing that either way...
  12. So, you enjoyed the trip then???

    You should go and see him - if it is pneumonia then you need sorting, if not, it won't go on your records!
  13. What the feck would the paramedic know about it. No doubt he took a lengthy clinical history, examined you fully followed by a chest X-ray

    Don't think so

    Plus you sound like a field admin vortex

    Nice heroic story though..........................
  14. Im actually a walking disaster but thats besides the point, just like examined me for a while, dont think he was carrying his pocket x-ray machine at the time or im sure the real fun would of started.
  15. As already said, get to your GP. I was 'lucky' enough to have it myself 2 years ago and my GP sent me off to the hospital for an X-ray and some pills to sort it out. Better to go see the doc and it be nothing than not go and it be something.