Discussion in 'Aviation' started by B_n_H, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any good contacts for buying Garmin GPSs? I am after a GARMIN GPSMAP 196. Anyone know of some good discounts for Mil Aviators?

  2. I've got a 496 stuffed in one of my nav bags if you want it. :wink:

    Seriously, try pricerunner

    Shows the cheapest as £424 inc vat (GPS warehouse). Although Transair appear to be banging them out for £399 inc vat...but thats not including the mounting dock (£99) or the very gay little carry case.

    Not too sure if either give mil discount but I think Transair tend to be mil friendly and may knock a few quid off.
  3. Edited because of duplicate post. Database says it was fcuked when I posted the first time. :evil:
  4. Thanks Flash
  5. I've had a 196 since 2003. Used it for flying, driving and diving, couldn't recommend it highly enough. Although I've noticed that the peripherals are getting harder to get hold of.
    If you can afford it go for a newer model, (USB ports etc).
    The little carrying case is gay but it is specially designed to protect the display.
    Found the virtual ILS very useful.
  6. Has anyone any experience of the Garmin GPSMAP 96 - the smaller hand-held version?
  7. Ignroe Flash and his advice, his GPS is one of these babies

    GPS (clicky)
  8. Maplins sell not only portable GPS units, but also every component in case you want to build your own http://www.maplin.co.uk/
  9. :muhaha: Ho MDN you are a naughty boy