AVLB CET MBT Kinda Woman

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by watertight, May 16, 2005.

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  1. What the hell is a learning technologist???

    Aren't they teachers anymore??

    I hate stupid job titles!

  2. You mean with the aid of a pc and powerpoint? Wow!
  3. rocket-science :mrgreen:
  4. So you teach teachers but you don't want to be called teachers.


    Not special enough for you there?

    Just another inflated job title to me there. :roll:
  5. Suit yourself. :mrgreen:
  6. Am I allowed to laugh in this classroom techno teacher? Or, are you her husband, or are you her?
  7. Metalwork,Woodwork,Technical Drawing,Rug and Basket weaving.Just above PE teachers on the evolutionary scale :lol:
  8. Maybe I'm in need as I keep looking. There is a typical squaddie pic behind her on one of the pictures, (with the big plastic coat and red BFA on her unusual weapon) to the right of it a woman in somewhat discomfort, pleasure. She's a squaddies wife. Isn't she?
  9. Pics in a Scimitar so obviously has access. Matrix pic also shows squad prints on wall. Knowledge of RE so wife/girlfriend of Jock?
  10. Watertight was this discovery the result of some work related google search or do you stalk these match making sites looking for 'these' people? Well done anyway. This is always a source of great education to me.

    You go through life oblivious to these things. Who'd a thunk, eh?
  11. I stalk, you look nice this morning by the way.
  12. I was wondering if you could tell me what AVLB, CET and MBT means? :)