Avira wont uninstall

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Silent_Scope, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. About a week ago Avira stopped updating itself, and wouldn't update when I tried to manually. So today I decided to uninstall it and try another program, however Avira won't uninstall; I have tried using Add/Remove Programs, CCleaner, RegCleaner etc but they all say can't find the file or that Avira is already uninstalled (but I can still see it running and scan the computer).

    Even the uninstall package I found on the Avira forums wouldn't get rid of it. Does anyone have any other ideas before I just wipe the hard drive and restart?
  2. What about support at Alvira?

    If no help, have you tried a System Restore, before doing a wipe. You no doubt know how to find it. Go into All Programs..open accessories then system tools and click on System Restore and open it. If you know when you installed Avira just choose a restore date prior and do the simple restore process. You might need to save other stuff loaded since the Alvira install. Hope you get sorted.

    I have a super programme called Advanced Uninstaller Pro, not only cleans. removes, wipes and compresses etc, but rips out stuff that won't move and also cleans the registry. I can completely recommend it. Doesn't cost a bomb either. Google advanced uninstaller, and if you like it, you can pay for it and do a secure download immediately..no more problems like this or having a load of old crap slowing up your PC.
  3. Go to yamicsoft.com and download XP/Vista/Windows 7 manager (whichever Windows you have). It's a 15 day trial. The Smart Uninstall feature will get rid of Avira.
  4. Or download Revo un-installer, it's freeware, gets rid of annoying programs, even Norton when I had problems get rid of that bag-o-shite.

    Revo download
  5. Mine has done that a couple of times, dont panic, it seems to sort itself out.
  6. Support was pretty useless, finally got it when I downloaded the program again and it overwrote the previous version, then I managed to uninstall it properly.

    Thanks for the help though.
  7. Good you mag'd it in the end. Some stuff can be a mare to get rid of - Norton 360 on a punter's machine was like trying to get out of the Mafia.