Hi all,

Just joined the forum..

I recently passed selection at Pirbright as a high grade A and have chosen to do Avionics Technician in the REME..

Feb 20th is my intake at Bassingbourn and i cannot wait, without sounding like a complete idiot can anyone provide any tips apart from the obvious about my fitness levels :)

Thanks all and Happy New Year! :)


Tips that stand the test of time, you can't hear when you're talking, keep your mouth closed & your ears open, there's no such thing as a stupid question so don't be afraid to ask!

Enjoy your time with REME and as you climb the rungs of the promotion ladder, look after those on the rungs below you as you will surely meet them on the way back down!
Top tip? How about you read the sticky about Avionics/Electronics life?
I'll happily answer any direct questions about the most evocative trade in the history of the British Army.

You must have passed the devastatingly handsome and charmingly witty tests with A*.

What is the difference between a camel and a REME? A camel can go without a drink for two weeks without stopping.

What's the other difference between a camel and a REME? A camel can't drink for two weeks without stopping.
Oh dear, that's a new one on me.
Possible door poster.

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