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Discussion in 'REME' started by vixxxtiger, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi I passed my selection back in March and start my basic at Pirbright in July. I got my first job choice of Avionics technician and was wondering if there were any avionics technicians here who could tell me how challenging the phase 2 is and what kind of level the maths and science is?

    Thanks, vixxxtiger
  2. The maths and science is not hard to pass at all at phase 2.
    For the math phase of your training you are taught at a steady pace and if you have any problems you can seek help.
    There is a basic electronics part of phase 2 which a 6 year old could pass and then for the actual avionics course itself you just have to apply yourself and knuckle down.
    anyway good luck with Pirbright.
  3. Hi can i just ask how long after passing ADSC did you get your date? I have just passed and am going in as Aircraft Tech. Was told I face quite a lengthy wait but will I get my date soon?
  4. [​IMG]

    Typical Greenie

  5. Why would you want to be an avionics technician?

    Do you want to have no responsibility?

    Do you want to spend half of your career at training establishments?

    Do you want to wear a dodgy powder puff beret?

    If your answers to any of these questions is yes, then crack on!

    On the positive side, you should breeze the course as you'll have no mates (due to your trade choice) so you'll have plenty of time to study!
  6. Greenies, i shiiite them. (ex blackie)
  7. Ive got a place for aircraft tech, probably sounds a bit stupid but is this just banta or is it true that aicraft/avionics tech's aren't liked?
  8. Why would you join the army to be an avionics tech? Wouldn't joining us Crabs have made more sense?
  9. Nowt wront with wanting to become an avionics Tech. Just remember its a Knuts job and you have to be a Knut to want to do it. Give your training your best effort and it'll work for you but most of all have fun and enjoy yourself. Big tip when you get to your unit dont mess with the VM's or you'll get the hairy side of a real tradesman's hand!
  10. How many times am I going to hear this top 10% of the top 10% blah, blah, blah. You keep telling yourself whatever you want and maybe one day you will actually believe it!

    That's the arrogance that i'm on about when I say you'll have no mates.
  11. Techs = Spankers the lot of them! :pc: :rabbit:
  12. Go on for a minute you were going to say A Mechs are better than techs werent you, admit it :flower: :wink:
  13. Go on for a minute you were going to say A Mechs are better than techs werent you, admit it :flower: :wink:

    I think you have it all wrong fella :scratch:
    i was actually considering starting a new thread and having a poll to see if everyone thought 'A' mechs should be kicked out of the REME and re-badged to the RLC as they are clearly not in the top 10% of the army like the rest of us :D :banned: :wink:

    Maybe we should consider the fact that 'A' mechs are in the bottom 2% of the REME :twisted:
  14. hi , I have got the same question for you , I have passed my selection at pirbright this month 30-july . and I will be going for basic training to pribright in january next year 2008.
    and I also got my first choice which is Electronics and Avionics Technican.
    I would be very happy if you could give me a few tips , for Basic training,
    and Phase 2 trade training,
    Do you know what is the syllabus for avionis Technican,
    or is there any recommended Avionics , Maths Books ,

    i would be happy to know anything that can help me,

    I wish you good luch for your Basic Training .
  15. Dont forget your flask and anorak for train spotting and also the dice with about 8 sides for wargaming!