Avionics Tech vs Com Sys Op

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by currybap, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. Need some help regarding the title! Passed selection a few weeks ago with a C grade. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a phase 1 slot as an Avionics Tech, which I would have liked, but have been offered comms system operator instead. Would just like to know how these two weigh up to each other in terms of promotion etc. and if there are any other trades available which are as strong in terms of promotion as the avionics tech?
    This is junior entry also if it helps! Thanks.
  2. Curry, Tech promotion is very fast as long as you meet the standards, Comms Sys Op is a completley different job and promotion prospects are different, look on line and ask your ACIO for a job brief, remember if you go for it you thats your career, make sure its what you want.
  3. Totally agree with this ...just becareful going in for a job that doesnt really interest you .I realsise REME places are like rocking horse sh*t at the moment but hopefully this wont be for long....if you have a good grade and IDST score from ADSC dont start swopping jobs just to get a phase 1 date ........some times waiting an extra year will be more fruitful. Remember everyone signs a Job Offer letter now stating you cannot change trades once you start training so once you accept your in that job till you leave.
  4. Cheers for the replies guys. I have told my recruiter to go ahead with the comms systems operator and after reading the two posts here im feeling very anxious about the whole thing! The problem comes when if I have to wait for another slot to be open I will have to go through the entire process again for adult entry as I will have missed the boat for junior. My parents think this would be a bad idea as I may not have another opportunity to sign up which is what I really want to do. Is adult entry or officer recruitment really that bad at the moment that I may miss the opportunity entirely?
  5. If you gained a C Grade at ADSC, realistically you are not going to get one of the highest jobs of Avn Tech in the REME, The Comms Sys Op trade is a good headstart and if you had the C's for the REME trade you will excel in the CSO Trade