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Hi there this my first post, please be kind! I have been made redundant in Tanche 3. I am an Avionics Technician in the REME. I have been looking at potential jobs, on what I can do when I come out and I have come across offshore oil and gas work. I quite fancy this as a career, my question is; has anyone or anyone currently in the oil and gas industry who can give me some pointers? Thank you
There are several here in the industry so hopefully they will be along at some point to help.

Unless they are away working, the it might take awhile :p

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There is a facebook group, REME on the Rigs. You'll get plenty of info of them there
Thanks for the information so far. I should mention that I would be looking for UK based offshore work.
Also I realize this maybe a bit personal, but could I ask what kind of pay I should be looking at and how long is the probationary period? I have been on myoilandgascareer.com new to the industry and for my skill set it suggests electrical, instrument, production and ROV technician, any advice?


With BOSIET and an offshore medical in your pocket hit the agencies with a well-prepared CV. Avoid using military acronyms and emphasise your civilian-equivalent quals. Don't expect to get offshore without pestering the agencies on a weekly basis. Generally-speaking, employers look to have you do a number of trips as an agency hand before offerring a permanent slot, unless you're so attractive to them that they take you straight-on. Be prepared for frustration, but be patient, and don't limit yourself to the UK. There are some very attractive positions abroad.

I wish you the best of luck.
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