Avionics or land systems

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gary163, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. What is the better side of the electronics trade avionics or land systems?
  2. Less than helpful, agreed, but it amused little, bored old me.

    In terms of 2nd career, the avionics' trade is arguably more lucrative.
  3. The negative being that you have to convert your qualifications to civilian counterparts ?
  4. No one remains in the mob for ever. In any event there is convergence of NavAids and the overarching legislation - which minimises the differences. Failing that, there's working for a foreign govt - which is lucrative, if you can stomach the conditions.
  5. Cheers for your response
  6. Land
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  7. Land is what was ECE I guess?
  8. I guess they are still both wobblie heads, one of which wears a powder puff on his/her schwad

  9. Yeah by land I mean ECE. Any positives or negatives from either side would be good as in finding very little information on the two. Things like difference in posting and what jobs are out there for either when civvie street finally calls.
  10. Air trades are generally thought of as being the geekier of the two and have little experience of the wider Army and of soldiering in general.

    If you think that a tough exercise is spent in a tent on the far side of the airfield or a bad day on tour is when the Costa runs out of iced coffee go light blue!

    If you get excited by filling out paperwork and having multiple people counter-sign for your work and tool control fills your head with wonder, Smurf is for you again!

    If you are interested in learning aspects of what other trades do and becoming a Jack of all military engineering aspects, steam power is the way forward. Likewise if you want a chance to do real soldiering and learn and practise proper infantry skills on ops.

    The main choice is between working conditions. Light blue get all the correct tools and equipment to do the job properly, Steam REME rely on a Leatherman and a headtorch to get things moving again.
  11. And DON 10, lots of uses to be had with that.

  12. yaaawwwwwwnnnnn!
  13. My personal experience is that Land has more varied postings and works on a wider range of kit, personally I've worked on Rapier, AMETS (yes, I'm that old...), 2nd line ATE systems (Rapier ERV, and GPATE), taken part in into service trials, had input into new test packages involving working with Racal engineers at Slough (long gone now! Another anecdote, the production boss at slough was an ex-RMP who re-badged to REME as a Tels Tech). Recently met a Land tech working at Wimbish on the EOD robot, we had a nice chat about robotics as that's now the line of work that I'm in.

    Post career choices depend on experience, your choice of resettlement and sheer hard work of writing huge number of letters.

    Avionics - you work on some very Gucci kit, generally in fairly nice environments, but the range of kit is fairly limited.

    Both tech trades are now (IMHO) starting to suffer from the box-change approach. It's obviously a good move for the military as a hole because it's quicker (reduced MTTR), meaning that kit is more available. But it doesn't help to promote good tech experience in the long run.
  14. Ive heard of ECE but wots AMETS
  15. It's a bit of kit that went out of service about 18 years ago

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