Avionics and Aircraft Trades becoming pinch-point trades?

Have just been told by a reasonably reliable source that as of 20th Sept 2007 Avionics and Aircraft trades have become pinch-point trades.

On the basis that Booties and Crabs who fall into that trade group are currently receiving large (9-10K) retention bonuses and Sigs trades are also rumoured to be receiving the same sort of thing are we next?

As there seems to be quite a few people signing off or seriously considering it, will we get the same thing coming our way?

Any info?
Haven't VMs and Reccy Mechs been pinch point trades for ages ? I didn't see them getting an FRI.

Fingers crossed, needs to be targetted correctly i.e at the young lads doing the tours.


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There are a number of trades in the RLC that have been OPP for well in excess of 5 years or more and not one penny! So don't buy the XR2i just yet

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