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Discussion in 'REME' started by tomjj, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know the level of maths that is used in aircraft/avionics tech trades? I got an A grade at GCSE maths a few years ago but didn't carry on maths to A level. I just wanted to know if it was degree level type stuff?

    Just trying to choose a trade because aircraft tech has an 8 month wait wheras avionics is 5 months and armourer is 3 months. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking at jumping into the nearest intake of whatever trade but want to know if the maths for avionics or aircraft is high level stuff. :?

  2. Removed cos thought it was a different forum...... Ooops
  3. Sorry should have said that differently, basically is it like doing a degree in further level maths?
  4. IIRC, GCSE at A grade will do just fine. You will be taught to A Level Maths within a very short period, so visit the library and top up on your algebra and calculus.

  5. A Level Maths - not degree level!

  6. Ok thanks for that Litotes, much appreciated. Think I can handle A level maths
  7. You wont have to do any pre learning if you have got an A at GCSE. All of the stuff will be taught to you again by good instructors. Don't waste any time before joining hitting the books as you will have to do plenty of that at SEAE.
    Get yourself out, enjoy your last few days of civvydom, do plenty of phys and get ready for phase 1 before worrying about phase 2.
  8. Yeh well as I say GCSE's were 3 years ago now so I hope it hasn't all fallen out of my head although I suspect alot of it will have 8O

    Still undecided about whether to go avionics tech or aircraft tech (would like to work with aircraft). Both are pretty much the same from what I understand, just different is what you work on. Is it worth waiting an extra 3 months to do one over the other?
  9. I'm no longer current but I started my aviation career with the intention of being a greenie. It was more maths intensive to start with but the instructors took my skill level well up. However I found that my interest and aptitude was better suited to my becoming airframe and engines. 16 mostly satisfying years followed as a Lynx mech. Character building .
  10. Thanks for sharing
    Passed selection a couple of days ago so just waiting for recruiter to get me a date for air tech
  11. Once you get to SEAE you will still have the chance to transfer between either Aircraft or Avionics.

    In my experience, when guys and girls come in on their initial brief about 90% want to go into these trade streams rather than become Land Systems techs. How much have you been told about Land Systems? I bet next to nothing. Essentially its the same as Avionics. Ask yourself why you haven't been told about it by the recruitment staff.

    Why is it you would like to work on airframes? What appeals to you? Make sure you know what the job entails before you sign up for it. Vertcalgyro always gives good points on here, see if you can get into a conversation with him, also check out the Electronics tech sticky thread.
  12. Don't worry about it, done 27 years in the avionics/electrical trade and only use maths for working out how to dodge the taxman :lol:
  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    With regards to choosing aircraft over avionics - the mathematical standards required for the aircraft trade aren't as high as avionic/electronics disciplines. Push for avionics, but as highlighted by sparky8, don't blinker yourself and explore the possibilities of the land systems courses. If you don't quite make the grade, you can still get a chance of going down the aircraft technician route. It is impossible to do this the other way round, i.e. fail the aircraft tech course and you're off to Bordon.

    Whilst working in the aviation environment is challenging and often exciting, be aware that postings are very limited - I hope you like Suffolk! Additionally, even with the drawdown of Telic happening, aviation is obviously a critical asset in theatre so you WILL deploy sooner rather than later once you get to your unit and have completed continuation training.
  14. Because both air tech and avionics tech trades are pinch-point trades as summarised in the DIN published earlier this month. It could be worse - he could have been pointed in the direction of CAMUS or, God forbid, the Gunners..... :twisted:

    Awaiting incoming....

  15. Thats exactly my point Litotes. I know they are pinch point trades, what this lad has to find out is why. Im not going to tell him, thats not my job but the reasons for this may influence his career choice.