Avicii dies

I'm with that. Never heard of him, but that's a generation thing.
He clearly connected to audiences across the globe, so he was doing something many others related to - fair does.
Desperately sad for his family though and very bittersweet. International fame and dead before 30. Wow. As a father of two, I'm pleased ours are under the radar, successful in their own small way, but most importantly, alive and kicking.
I remember some years back having a chat with Pete Doherty's Dad at the time he was always in the papers for all the wrong reasons. On the one hand, his son was successful - shagging Kate Moss ffs, yet his lifestyle was tearing his parents apart.
As I say, very bittersweet. RIP.
How's it working out for Doherty in 2018 I wonder........ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5437421/Shirtless-Pete-Doherty-cuts-dishevelled-figure-Sydney.html

Like it - even though I am nearly as old as Methuselah.
I remember that from gym sessions on the in house TV, although I never heard it, because I always play my own music. First time I’ve heard the track and followed the story and have to say it’s excellent and bloody hilarious - and I’m a 63 year old Prog rocker!
"drank himself to death?"

"He was depressed"

"Why was he not very good?"

"He was great."

"Someone should've told him..."

A little paraphrasing from partridge.

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