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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sagemx5, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. Just watched a programme on one of the sky channels called 'Aviation Security', basically a programme about security on how they can prevent terrorists taking explosive, weapons etc. onto passenger and freight flights. They had heads of security from British Airways, TNT(freigth carriers), and many other international freight carriers and airways saying that the biggest problem they had was to identify and locate explosives hidden within luggage and freight.

    At the moment they rely on screening luggage for commercial flights on the X-ray machines you see at the airports, basically a guy sitting infront of a screen having a few seconds to decide 'Is that a bomb or not'.

    One of the things that concerned me that I did know about is that freight, which is screened by indeendant companies and not the
    airway that is carrying it, is sometimes flown on commercial flights.

    These idependant companies do not have the failities to x-ray the freight (as they are normally in large containers) and the only way they now waht is being carried within these containers s by looking at the paperwork and deciding if it is a risk or not.

    I could go on for a long time about all the other things they were talking about on the programme, and how the heads of security for these companies were trying to come across as the 'experts' (especially when head of TNT security mentioned we could be looking for bombs, knives or getting a 'bazooka' shot at us, FFS think the 'TAWT' been watching too much of MASH or Tour of Duty)

    Anyway, the reason I am ranting on is that I had one of them moments when I was sitting there and it came to me, the solution is so F**cking simple. It has been a tried and tested method in other industries, would cut the cost of security measure within airports, is simple and cheap to provide, would provide professional employment, cut the cost of all the expensive screening equipment airports are buying and is one of those things that is so blantently obvious and cheap to provide the Government probably hasnn't even looked into it.

    P.S. Will be providing franchises to all major airports in a few months, after I've told Cherrie Blair (oh come on we all know its her running the place) to sort out the so called 'security advisors' they have within this Communist country. (S**t did I just say Communist, well we are nearly F**King there, can't smoke in my own pub FFS)

    P.P.S. Any of you germs out there (sorry meant journalists) cost you 50k, no sod that 500k for me to talk about my solution.
  2. Actually, they can and do scan containers. The company which makes the scanners is in Minsk.

  3. Previously I came up with the idea of sending by air-freight, a nuke with a pressure switch. That way as the plane breaks a set hight on it's decent BOOM, instant air burst nuke for maximum effect.

    O'Hare Airport would probaly be the Ideal target for that.
  4. Listy I am arresting you under the terrorist act ..... :p

    Good Job Herr Blair never got his act through :)

  5. Little Johnny got his Act through, so don't come to Australia
  6. Don't worry, I'm aleady waiting for a knock on the door from the CIA... And no, I'm not expecting much help from the dear leader.
  7. I don't think you will get far with the idea that all freight consignments must have a little soldier inside the packaging equipped with comms equipment. We do not have enough Gurkhas for the really small boxes.
  8. Saw the same documentry last night... TNT security Manager said that they relied on profiling cutomers and clients to decide where the risks are etc...very little in the way of physical checks.
    They said that cargo was the 'easier' target and probably a route where terrorism will go, as Commercial flights have got the security tied up.
  9. If what the public are "allowed" to see re security screening is all we have, then we are indeed knee deep in Brown Sauce.
    I bloody well hope there is a sight more going on out of the Public Domain BUT one never knows(It might "shock, horror" cost the Treasury a bean or three, just like Immigration Control).
  10. Speaking as one who has a passing involvement in all this sort of stuff, you can safely be a little more reassured than you are. I have a feeling that the various heads of shed might have been crying "stinking fish" just a little.
  11. 'bazooka' shot at us, FFS think the 'TAWT' been watching too much of MASH or Tour of Duty)

    A DHL Boing 757 was shot down in Iraq 2003 with nothing more than a 30 year old bazooka
  12. Although hit, it wasn't shot down. Despite a hit to the left wing, the crew got it on the ground safely wth no injuries.

    Report Here

    Clean underwear and a large scotch probably in order!
  13. You will realise that your plan is fundementaly flawed.

    O'Hare International Airport Elevation AMSL, 668 ft (203.6 m).

    Your choice of departure airfields will be limited to Leeds/Bradford and as they have flights to/from Belfast are pretty security aware!
    You had also better hope that the air pressure on arrival at O'Hare is greater than that at Leeds on departure!