Aviation safety experts killed in an air crash !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Wasn't totaly sure I should put this in the Naafi or not but as it made me laugh I thought it was the best place.


    I mean RIP to the poor guys but aviation safety experts killed in an air crash after a conference on air safety !

    Sorry to laugh but it IS sort of funny.
  2. I blame the Luftwaffe..
  3. The first thing aviation experts look for in a crash is the ' black box' which always survives the flight' mishap'.. Why don't they build the plane out of the stuff they make the black box out of then? planes would never get smashed then would they?
  4. The ultimate in irony.
    Last words, it would be much safer to go by train.
  5. Got to agree, I can think of nothing funnier than an aeroplane full of passengers stuffing in and killing them all
  6. Oh I can. How to spell Hypocrite in several languages for instance.
  7. hipócrita
  8. Ironic yes....funny...can't see it myself. March yourself to the guardroom or smack your own bottom....hard.
  9. But have smacked own bottom anyway and given myself a good talking to about this :salut:
  10. Do you laugh at pictures from Belson, Dachau etc?

    Did you wheeze and splutter at the Aberfan incident?
  11. No but I do know a few jokes about all of those.

    So sorry but no apology because a) it did make me laugh in a "fcuking hell" kind of way b) this is the Naafi c)you have zero room to criticise anyone for their sense of humour and d)it is funny.

    So now come on own up who are you and what have you done with the real minister_doh_nut ?
  12. MDN would n't laugh at the aviation experts piling in, he would have laughed at the fact they were Polish.
    A few less immigrants to break into MDN towers. :twisted:
  13. I'm Polish and have never tried to break into MDN Towers, had I tried I would have succeeded. It wasn't me and I wasn't there at the time the alleged offence took place MeLud.
  14. :?