Aviation Regtimental Signals Instructors Course

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheBlackPearl(aaarrgghh!), Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. i head that the last ARSI course had some right beefers on it?, but i also heard that there was way to much moral on it?. any comments?. lynxeffect were you on that course?? you fu*&ing BEEFER! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. I have heard that there was a lot of beer drunk in difference to other course that have been and gone. The NAAFI made a fortune out of a few people as did Breakers!!!!

    Talking of Breakers have you heard from that LARGE DORIS Black Pearl old chap!!!! LOL
  3. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Is this going anywhere fellas or is it something that can be done in PM?

    We all know that sigs are lovegods and MT are in awe of them but lets not scoff bandwidth in Gods forum with plop and dribble
  4. Clearly I will be red penning your spelling, no wonder you got offered m ost improved!!!!! Regimental you beefer!
  5. no c/s not known!, however i did drink alot southampton on the leaving drinks was top, top champagne mate!! :D :D
  6. Porridge Gun has a bit of a point the idea of the thread (i think) is that should the course be made compulsory as is the current head honcho at wallops plan. Compulsory that is for Full screws in the signals stream. There is talk of it being made like some form of qualification for promotion in the sigs stream. Ref clogging up bandwidth it is a bit quiet an gay on the aviation forum at the mo. Just trying to get the corps spirit of whinging at each other going aswell as we all know it can!!!!
  7. yea thats a fair point, the ARSI Course should be completed before promotion to Sgt, however their seems to be alot of squad's getting out of it, Bowman being 1 i can think of and the other being a Certain Turkish looking Arsenal fan in 3 AAC Troop :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Is there a need for every Cpl and above in the sigs section / comd troop to be an instructor?

    Surely the RSI course was just a means of portraying the knowledge you already have accross to others.... Does an established Cpl who is an instructor in other subjects and skill really need to attend an RSI cse if he is already a Class one and more than proficient signaller.

    Saying that, Flaggies have got big knackers
  9. Being an instructor in other subjects help on the ARSI course but by christ it is the most picky course I have ever done for DS red penning, it fcuking winds you up!!
    And the fact that i have a clearing in the amazon named after me due to the amount of paper I went through!!! Just cause a full stop was underlined!!!!!! Bas=#*s!!!
  10. to be honest it was my second crack at the course, and i felt that it did me no harm in the end!. however the D.S are picky to start with but when they know your upto it they leave you to crack on.

    and yes US Flaggies do have big BOLL*&ks! :D
  11. Reference BIG BOLL*'KS

    Yes especially when gobbing off at DS must be a 3 REGT thing and with a little help from that foreign geordie bugger who got Bezza.

    Almost all NCOs in COMD TP are flaggies now apart from a few but i am not sure that we need so many but the school has to produce 20 a year. It is a little bit more than instructional skills though with all the paperwork (service writing and all that p*ss) go to know. Especially when writing long range HF p*ss ups I mean exercises!
  12. Good shout there lynxeffect, i think that it is a good course, but very demanding. it is the hardest course i have done in the Army(including JLC). When are we gonna get the recognition we deserve for our efforts??, any MONG can complete a Class 1 drivers and Instructors course.

    Looking forward to your HF Exercise (LOL)!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Do you not think the DS are that way for a reason?

    If you return to Wallop as DS will you be an equally picky bast@rd?

    I hope you are if you do return, would be nice of the standard of RSI was just as good if not better than the ones from previous era's
  14. To be honest do not want to go to wallop not my cup of tea, however i will expect a good standard from pre RSI, Class 1 and Class 2 courses at my unit yes.

    when did you leave?, or are you still in??
  15. Agree with the standards point, but it doesn't stop it annoying the p*ss out of me